Together book 1

"and you are?" I asked him with a challenging stare . He glared at me and says " you don't know who I am?" "No clue" I stat the truth He stands up and says " Harry styles and you are?" When the model Kristina hood gets signed to syco's label things heat up between her and the rude and cocky Harry styles.


2. other perspective

Harry's pov:

I sit next to zayn arguing about blondes and brunettes and who is prettier I vote anything with boobs and he's says brunettes.

We were interrupted by calum, Louis and a girl? Niall stood up to greet her and said her name was Kristina . The girl says hi to everyone and you can tell by her hot long legs and perfect body she's a model she taps her fingers uncomfortably on her leg and stares at me probably iratated by my perverted gaze.

" and you are?" She spoke in perfect English with a hint of Australian she then glared at me.

I stand up and said " you don't know who I am?" I was shocked

" no clue" she spit daggers at me.

"Harry styles and you?" I growled this girl may be pretty but she clearly is a bitch.

" Kristina hood" she smirked as I gawked at her. She was a model ? I was just guessing before!

She then proceeds to lift 100 lbs on each arm. Wow just wow.

She sexily struts over to me and places her hand on my jaw and says in her sexy accent " close your mouth love you don't want to catch flies".

Later on;

She's sings amazing to I'm so whipped

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