Cold coffee :: Lashton

"Frappuccino please."

"Coming right up cutie."

Or when Luke works in a coffee shop and one of his regular customers always orders a frappuccino.


6. ::6::

Ashton's PoV

"Sorry about him." I shyly looked at my hands as I spoke. Michael had just left for his date so it was just Luke and I. I was alone with Luke and I was practically naked.

"Nah, all good," he smiled at me as he sat on my sofa, looking around. "Nice place by the way."

"Thank you," cautiously I sat beside him. I know this is my home but I just feel nervous around Luke and I don't know why because I've just met him but oh well. It went silent after that, the uncomfortable silence filled the air making everything awkward.

"So..." His soft voice made me jump a little which he replied with a small giggle, smiling fondly at me as if I was a beautiful China doll; so fragile and magnificent. But I clearly wasn't magnificent in the slightest.


so short I'm sorry, I didn't know what to writeee.

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