Cold coffee :: Lashton

"Frappuccino please."

"Coming right up cutie."

Or when Luke works in a coffee shop and one of his regular customers always orders a frappuccino.


3. ::3::

I don't like him, no I don't at all. Why would I like him anyway? He's cocky and weird and cute - no stop he's just a friend – well I don't even think I can call him a friend.

I lay face first in my pillow contemplating my whole life, who I like and what the possible future might hold. I'm a mess and I only met him two days; maybe I just find him cute, that's all, nothing else.

The morning after that I didn't bother to go to the small coffee shop I always go to, I just slumped around like a slug, and Luke was the salt.

Luke's PoV

I didn't see Ashton this morning and for some reason, it seemed to have ruined my mood for the entire day. Maybe he's ill or busy, yep that's it.

I just carried on with my job forcing a smile. "Luke, you seem sad what's up?" Ellie sighed as she took me to one side.

"I'm fine." I faked a smile hoping she'll just forget about it, but she didn't.

"Don't lie to me, I may be old but I know when someone is lying," the older woman frowned. "What's wrong?"

"It's stupid really." I decided to stop the falseness and let my frown show.

"No it's not, now come on tell me." She patted my back as she spoke, her voice smoothing and it sounded like she generally cared about my wellbeing.

"I just want to see Ashton... I guess," I admitted bashfully as I looked down at my shoes. "Told you it's stupid."

"That's not stupid, love, it's cute," she smiled. "I have his number if you want it."

"You would really give me his number?" I tried to hide the huge grin that threatened to spread across my face.

"Of course," at that said, she took my phone and added his number into my contacts, the woman put his contact name as 'frappuccino boy'.


hello :) how's everyone? I hope you liked this chapter, I mean it's good I guess?

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