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I lay looking at my white ceiling, my head was flooding with unwanted memories but I wasn't sure how I could stop them. This has been a frequent thing for me ever since it happened.

About a month ago I wasn't like this, yes I had the Twitter account but the things I posted were never from the heart, they were mostly quotes from tumblr. Anyways, I was happy, very happy with a boyfriend who treated me like a princess; he'd cuddle me when I felt alone, he'd compliment me every time he saw me, he'd buy me things whenever he had the chance to, he was just so amazing, well that's what I thought before I found out.

I was so in love that I failed to notice that he had been having a secret relationship with someone else. I wouldn't have found out if he hadn't left his phone at mine one night.


I stared at his phone in curiosity, it kept 'pinging' and I couldn't sleep. But peeking would ruin the trust we had developed and I didn't want to do that. You see, he had forgotten his phone at mine. I would return it but it's late and his house is like half an hour away if I was to get driven there, so I just left it. I'll give it to him in the morning anyway.

'Pingggg', it kept going off so I grabbed the phone and switched the screen on. My heart sank as I read the messages out loud.

"Baby why aren't you replying?"

"Ugh are you with that twink again?"

"You need to tell him. I've had enough of this stupid game."

I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat, what did they mean by 'twink' and why did they call my boyfriend 'baby' and also what did they mean by 'stupid game'?

{end of flashback}

After I had read those messages I decided to snoop through his phone. Fuck trust. I read all of his messages with this girl and I wished I hadn't because they mostly consisted of them slagging me off, saying how much of an 'idiot' I was for falling for his stupid game, and much more horrible things.

When I confronted him he obviously denied all of it, and tried to make out that I was the bad guy for going through his phone in the first place, but the girl must have heard because as we were arguing she came right over and kissed my boyfriend.

She laughed in my face and raised her stupid slug eyebrows, looking at me up and down in disgust. Her final words before I left were "stupid faggot."


eeek someone suggested I did Calum's backstory so here it is, sorry if it sucked. also I'm sorry for not updating, I've been busy. again sorry this sucked.

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