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@calinthehood: oh my god I'm so tired of waking up alone... ;-; @hulkisme: @calinthehood hey, are you alright?


1. ::1::


I hate seeing couples in public,


and seeing them making out, it's almost like they're mocking me,


mocking me for being a single, lonely person on a Saturday afternoon,


buying chocolate and a depressing movie for my depressed ass.

I sighed loudly as I shut my computer, it's true; I'm a depressing fuck who has nothing else better to do other than complain on Twitter all day.

Thats my life. That's how the famous @calinthehood lives. It's not a secret anyway, I post it 24/7 on Twitter. All my sadness is known by the reader who happens to stumble across my tweets, so it's never a secret to the people I do not know, but it is to the people I do know.

I opened my laptop again.


Oh my god I'm so tired of waking up alone... ;-;

All I really do is complain, there's nothing else I can really do.


@calinthehood hey, are you alright?

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