Magic Mirror

Their ounce was a small sick girl. She had a dream that became her life. Leaving behind a single tear she hoped to return again.


9. Heaven

Rin's pov:

My castle was gone and i was surrounded by nothing but flowers. I sighed and walked through the field kicking some flowers up not and then as I looked around board. "I wish you where here Len...." I said softly thinking back to the mirror. When I looked farther ahead I could see something glinting in the sun and I got excited running over thinking it was the mirror withe the magic magician  inside. I ran closer and then frowned when I saw the mirror and no Len. "Len...are you their?" I called out reaching my hand out to touch the mirror but saw that my hand went through the glass. I stepped inside and saw that the same thing that I had seen on my side only in this world their sat a boy all alone. I stepped closer to see him turn around as our eyes meet and I burst into tears smiling. "Len!!!" I screamed and ran to him hugging him close to me. " found me..." He whispered in my ear. I smiled through tears and then said, "Promise you'll never leave again!" He merely laughed at me hugged me saying, "I never left in the first place."

Len's pov:

When I woke up I was in my world again but this time I wasn't alone. I turned around hearing my name and saw Rin. Our eyes meet and she raced toward me pulling me into a tight hug. I cried unsure of what I should say to her because i was just so happy to be with her again with out a mirror between us. "Len!!!" She screamed through tears as she hugged me close. I laughed and let a few tears fall down my face. " found me..." I said softly into her ear making her cry more. She pulled away from me so our eyes meet. Her eyes where filled to the brim with tears as she said almost sobbing. "Promise you'll never leave again!" I laughed wiping away her tear and smiled. "I never left in the first place...."

The End

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