Magic Mirror

Their ounce was a small sick girl. She had a dream that became her life. Leaving behind a single tear she hoped to return again.


1. Sick


Rushing around the house I did my earns. "Tell how is the poor thing today?" Some one asked the news of the sick princess have spread fast. She's is no longer able to walk." the room fell silent as every one of thought of what they could do first. Her legs were the first to go then slowly her eyes until she was no longer a living person. She was just their now to comfort people trapped in her mind in the world she had made for her self. We all wondered if she would ever come back to our world or if she would stay their. Her brother Len was the most worried but it comforted him when he would he hear her talk as if he was their with her in her room.

Rin's pov-

With a sigh I used my wheel chair to go exploring in this big castle and that's when I found  a hidden room in the back of the castle. I had never seen before so I poked my head in side and took a look around. The room was nice and all but I didn't see anything neat in their until the mirror under a tarp started to glow and shake. I went over slowly in my chair unsure if I wanted to pull off the cover. I gathered up my strength and pulled it off and when I looked in the mirror I froze in amazement. Looking back at me in the mirror wasn't my reflection but a......

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