And as if i couldn't dance without you...


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Hi Diary/WhoEverReadsThis

This is real, my thoughs on a sort of paper.. it's kinda strange that you are actually able to read this, 
But i suppose it could possibly make me feel better...

My heart is beating faster than usual, my skin is cold as ice, how do i decribe..

it's deeply uncomfortable.. 


I can dance without you, i don't need you, don't need you to shine << my mind's repeating, it might be 
unessesary but in case it's done. 
How those words could hurt so much and i'm not even sure it's true.. but i'm still

wondering if he's lying, if he's playing with me. I want to trust him so badly, but he's not even here yet.

It didn't cared if he showed me, it was me he wanted.. just don't make it look like your cheating..

And i hope that if i'm leaving soon, you'll be regretting, 

because you lost me another human that appreciated you the most.
That loved you through life, a short part of life, but..

i hate that i give you this attention in this diary, because your probably not even worth it

Don't you worry about me, i knew it had to be false and i wonder why i'm thinking all this..

your not worth it, i'll let you explain, but it wont make our relationship stronger... 


Bye, Mira.

Well i don't know about the date.. in Denmark it is.. 06/05/2016, but i think you write it different like; 2016/05/06, some other places

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