1. Complexity

              I can't tell you enough of how jealous I am of her. 

Everything from the way all life revolves around her to her beauty. 

                    The beauty I now hold

      I know that I will not be able to maintain it. 

                         We who grow old loose our physical beauty, but the older she grows, the more beautiful she becomes. 

  Her beauty within is as pure as gold, but what I hold inside is black ash

                    and small fragments of a broken heart. 

                                                  While she has no worries in the world, I suffer   with anxiety every day. 

        I cannot stand up in front of a crowd or smile at a stranger,

             Yet she can stand in front of the entire human population with no worry.

                   I guess my jealousy may be considered insane, but I've learned 

          To cope with that reality that Mother Earth leaves for me. 

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