Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


5. We meet again and again


It hurts even thought that I don't really know him.

This morning felt just a little bit special. For me it did. Wel I think I should just forget him and this morning. Charls tries to make me happy by telling some of those stupid jokes that aren't even funny but at the same time they are. "Okay there are 2 pizzas in an oven, one of them says to the other ' It's hot in here isn't it' and the other answers 'aaaaaaaaah, talking pizzaaaaa!'" This is so stupid that it is funny. A smile starts growing on my face till i can't hold it and I start laughing. "Mission accomplished." "Charls what should I do without you?" I gif her hug . "Nothing, I meen really nothing." she starts laughing. The houres pass by very slow and finally my last class starts. It's my favorite, drama. I really love it, being someone else then you actually are. As usual i go sit on the place that's left over.

"So class, as you know..." because every teacher already gave the information, I start drawing on my papers. I hear some words, names and i was not listening untill: "You can take a seat next to Rosie." When I heared my name i look up and see a pair of big blue eyes looking at me. I notice myself staring at him and as fast as i can I point my eyes to my drawings.

In the corner of my eyes I see him taking his papers out of his bag and before he settles him on the chair next to me he wispers in my ear: "That's kinda pretty." I ignore it and when the bell rings I'm the first one who's out of the classroom. I get a text from Charls and she says she has a date. 'What?! And you didn't told me at lunch?! But have fun you gurl, see ya tomorrow' i replied. So now I need to walk home on my own.

I put my earphones in my ears and start singing along with every song but only with my mounth cause I don't want enyone hear me sing.

I see a shadow following my steps and want to turn arround but i'm to scared. I pretend like i heard something and look over my shoulder. For the thirth time today I see the attractive blue eyes. In shock I turn back around and start walking faster. I got a slight presumption that he makes me nervous.

" You don't have to run away!" he yells. "Maybe I should." I said it before thinking it through and I already regret it. He starts laughing quitly and at one moment he walks next to me. "So you live here in the street too?" he asks. "Why? You gonna stalk me?" I still feel angry and hurt because what happened at lunch. "Maybe I am." Althought I'm angry he makes a little smile appear on my face. We talk about a lot of random stuff and it feels like we're friends since we were little.

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