Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


20. Wait


My alarm clock goes off and immediatly I'm searching the snooze button. When I finally find it my dad walks in "Get up lazy." he throws a pillow to my head and I throw it back. "Go away I want to sleep" "Okay then let's do it the other way." Oh no.

He opens my curtains and the bright light of the sun shines in my eyes. "Well good morning honey." he laughs. "Yeah sure, good morning dad." I growl. I crawl out of bed and with my eyes half open I search an outfit. A dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt and my favorite brown, leather shoes, this is going to be it. I walk downstairs and search something to eat. I yell goodbye and walk toward Charls' car.

"Hey you thereee!" "Heeey!" she hesitate for a moment and then she desides to just say it.

"Soo, how was last night with Luke?" she isn't sure if it was okay to ask.

"Well, good actually."

"What? Tell me." A smile appears on her face while she waits for me to begin. I tell her the whole story and when I say the whole story I really mean everythig.

"You did what? What was his reaction?"

"When I looked over my shoulder I saw he was a little shocked." I start laughing.

"Who wouldn't be, I mean look at you. They may call us the losers but I think your one of the prettiest girls in the school."

"Oh please stop, look at you." We both start laughing and she starts the car.

"But you're kinda a thing right now?" She looks at me and I actually don't really know. We kissed, yes but.

"I don't know. We kissed that's true but I don't know what we are. He didn't even asked me out jet so.. And there are so many thing I don't know about him."

"That's true. You know, just follow your heart and it will be alright."

"True shit." I laugh.

She parks her car and we walk into school. I see Tory and I start laughing. She's actually a little bit pathetic. I don't know why I was scared of her. I turn to my locker and pack my stuff for the first two classes.

The hours pass by very slowly but finally the bell rings and it's lunch time. I see Luke talking to Matt and when I walk up to him I see tory walking toward him too. I wait and see Luke pushing her away and saying that she needs to go away. From the things I hear I think he said 'Go away, yes we had something but that's over. Get over it.'.

I start smiling and walk toward him "so you turned her down, huh?" "Kind of" we start laughing and Matt is just looking weird at us. "Sooooow, she's the Rosie?"

"Uhm, yes?" I look at Luke as he punches Matt and gives him an angry look. Matt turns back to me and smiles.

"Nice to meet you Rosie. I'm Matt" he smiles. It's so weird that he is nice to me, he is the cool, popular guy.

"Well nice to meet you too Matt." I smile back.

We walk outside together to a table next to a tree. We talk, laugh and just have fun. I get an angry look of Tory but I ignore it. She isn't worth it.

Finally the bell rings and schools over. I say goodbye to Charls cause she has a date with Ethan. I walk to my locker and pack some things to study. While closing I startle.

"God, never do that again Luke!" I say while I punch his arm.

"What?" he says while lauging at me.

"You scared the hell out of me!" he start laughing and I punch him again.

"Auw okay okay I'm sorry. But I mean I was trying to be nice and this is your reaction? Well thank you. You can walk yourself home." After he said that he turns around and walks away. He knows that I was going to say something and so I did.

"No,no wait!"

"I'm leaving!" he yells.

"Wait!" As fast as I can I run up to him.

"So you didn't want to be alone?" I punch him while he laughs.

"Oh shut up."  


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