Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


11. Unexpected


4:20. I finish my homework, go to the kitchen to take a snack and then I go upstairs to my room to get myself ready. There are so many clothes in my closet that i can't choose. After fifteen minutes I finally choose my outfit: a casual blue jeans with a white blouse and a black blazer and my sneakers. I want to look casual and a little bit dressy at the same time so this is gonna be my outfit. I go back downstairs and watch some tv with my mom after a while I look on my phone and it's already five to five so I start running through the house. My purse, some tissues, my keys, I open the door "Bye mom! I will send you a text when to movie ends!" "Have fun!" I smile but still don't understand her. 

A look at my watch tells me I should start walking faster then I am now. Ignoring the weird looks on people their faces I start walking faster. I understand the people who were laughing at me when I see my own reflection in a window. One second later I start walking again and think by myself that if I'm a little bit to late it doesn't really matter.

At ten past 5 I ring the bell an a few seconds later I see brown haired guy with eyes as blue as the sky. He's tall and I can imagine a sixpack under his t-shirt. Based on what I see I think he must be Ethan. "So you're Ethan?" "The one and only." We both start laughing and the first thing I think is that I already like him. The second thing is 'if you ever hurt Charls, I will kill you'. "Come in, I would say." "Thank you" "Can I take your jacket?" well and here comes the thirth one 'oh god and he is a real gentleman, Charls is so lucky! But she diserves a guy like him.'

"Thanks for inviting me cause I kinda feel like I'm ruining your date." "It's nothing, really, and besides that I love to cook." he says that with a little smile on his face. You can see it's his passion. "Okay but I still feel a little bit guilty." "You don't have to, okay" While he says that he looks at me and at that very moment I had a feeling I already know him, I ignore that feeling and follow him to the livingroom. I close the door behind me and I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. It's my mom.

Mom--Honey have fun tonight! xx mom--

Ooooh that's so sweet. While feeling guilty cause I lied I start sending a text back right away.

R-- Thanks mom, you too. Now you have some time alone with dad. The last time you had that was like 4 months ago so enjoy this evening! xx--

Mom--Thanks, honey! xx mom--

I start smiling cause it was so sweet of her. "So, Rosie, this is my brother."

I look up from my phone and see a pair of charming, big, blue eyes looking at me. There's a silence. We just stare. That's why they were familiar cause I've already seen them, those eyes as blue as the sky. 

"Dude, itroduce yourself to the lady." He opens his mounth but he hesitates, it's like he doesn't know how to say it. I keep staring at him and see those broken eyes again.

"hi, I-I'm Luke"

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