Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


4. The bitch


Luke, he's nice, cool and ofcourse very handsome. "Sooow, you're new?" He looks at the ground and doesn't answer for a few seconds. Did I say something wrong or what. "Uhm, yeah." "And do you like it here?" "Sure." I don't know what else to ask so se next 3 minutes there's a silence. "I'm from Boston" he says out of the blue. But it's sweet he's trying to save the conversation. "Cool and how was it to live there?"

The whole way to biology we talked about Boston and vacations. When we finally got there I settle myself at my usual place. On the seat that remains with on my left Mary and on my right no one. So I actually sit alone because Mary doesn't say anything. I tried a lot of times to start a conversation but without result.

"As you probably already know I'm Mr. Rafflen and I'm you're biology teacher. Here next to me is the new guy who comes from Boston. His name is Lucas Carpenter." "Yall can say Luke no one calls me Lucas." I saw all the girl giggle when he said that, I ain't jealous or something, I think. " Yeah sure, okay Luke you can sit next to Rosie." the teacher pointed at me while sayng that. It was so akward and now most of the girls hate me more because I can sit next to him and they don't.

"So this is where we meet again." He winks at me and I start blushing: "I guess so." He laughs and then puts his earphones in his ears. He puts on his music and the whole lesson he stares out of the window. The next 3 classes go very slow and finally the bel rings and it's lunch break.

Charls and me go sit on a table outside because the sun shines. We talk and laugh about a lot of thing as soon as i see Luke pass I tell the whole story to her. She's happy and a little bit shocked. "WAIT! WAIT, no way. Ooooh, is he cute? Show him, please please please." I start laughing and searching luke in the crowd.

I see him standing with Matt, one of the popular boys in our school. They seem to have a good time together.

I turn back to Charls and describe where he is standing, just to be a little subtle. "I can't see him, where...., ooooooh theeere. Oh girl he is hot, like really hot." " What did I tell you hahahah." as soon as I said that her face turns into a shock, bitchy pose.

"Yo, is everything okay there?" She shakes her head and start talking about something else. "Uhm Charls what happened?" "Nothing, just lets talk about something else."

I know there is something wrong, she saw something, I know it. I turn my head and i feel a peace of my heart breaking. I see Tory, with Luke, kissing.

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