Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


16. Sorry cause I care


He was angry, broken. I saw it through his tears in his eyes. Something happend with his family and I need to say sorry. What did I do? Why did I say that? I'm sorry Luke, I'm sorry.


At the end of the day I walk home. I don't want a ride home. I need to think. I need to say sorry. I'm thinking what I am going to say and then I realize where I am. I can't go back now. I'm standing in front of Lukes house. I hesitate for a second but then I press the button. I hear the noice of a bell and know that I can't go back.   

A young woman with brown hair and sweet light brown eyes opens the door. She smiles at me and says friendly hello. I smile hello back and ask if Luke is home. "Yes, come in sweety. He's upstairs. The door at the end of the hall." "Thank you, madam." "Oh call me Emma, please." she smiles. I go upstairs and remember the night before. I smile thinking of that moment. How he finally give in and let me in. How we laughed and played black ops. how he tickeled me and. The kiss. I remember it and that all in one second. I stand in front of his door. I shake my hands cause I'm actually stressing. While I knock softly on his door I look at the ground. No answer. I open the door very slow and see Luke staring at his tv screen. His eyes move in my direction and go almost right away go back to the screen. "What are you doing here?"

"Luke, I'm sorry."

"It's just a word isn't it? You don't care right? Cause it doesn't mean anything right?"

"Luke stop."

"Cause your just one of them right? One of the hundred?"


"And I don't care?"

Tears are rolling down my eyes. "No, Luke I was angry. I-I didn't mean it."

"Yeah right! And I need to believe that? You don't know anything, anything! You say I am the one who doesn't care but I think you need to look at yourself first! Now leave." he shakes his head and doesn't even look at me. I turn around and walk out of his room. I don't care? No. I don't. I mean I do care about him. I do care.

I turn back around and walk back to his room cause i do care.

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