Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


23. Memories


The kiss ends but the night goes on. The last light of the sun shines on her face. God she's beautiful.

"Rosie? I think it is gonna rain and it's already 1 o'clock so I think I should take you home." I say while looking at her. Her eyes are closed and her head lays on my shoulder. She just nods and starts to help me to pack our stuff. We get in the car and I start driving her home. Not even a few minutes later the water-drops are falling down. I lower the speed cause I don't want anything to happen with Rosie.

From time to time I look at her while singing along with the radio. After a few songs my jam comes on and I can't control myself. I start singing, actually yelling the lyrics and she is just laughing at me. I can't help myself and start laughing too.

I want to lay my hand on her upper leg but I don't know if she wants it. So I deside to just move there very slowly. All of a sudden I feel a soft hand touching mine. She laid her hand above mine and I can't stop smiling about the fact she just did that.

I look around but still focus on the road. This bridge still is beautiful even when it's raining and dark outside. I look in the side mirror and see a car coming closer very fast. I focus on the car and not even a few seconds later it passes us. My eyes are still focust on the car and I'm getting scared. All the memories are coming back but I don't want to see them. I don't. I freeze. I'm quiet but on the inside I'm freaking out. On the inside I'm screaming. Crying. I can't get control of it. I hear noices but I can't place them. My brain can't handle this anymore. And then something happened that never should have happened.


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