Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


13. Maybe


I open my eyes very slowly and go downstairs. I'm the last one who goes sitting on the table. Time passes by and we talk about a lot of stuff, I actually like Ethan more than Luke at the moment. While I think that I look at him and notice he didn't say a word since he woke me.

After dinner Luke goes straight to his room but I stay downstairs for a while cause I don't want to end up on the floor again. We have a lot of fun and after a half an hour I deside to go upstairs to give the couple a little privacy.

I already put my earphones in case the door is locked again. I knock and try to open the door. I didn't expect that I really could open it but I could. I enter the room and see Luke sitting on his bed playing videogames. "Can I come in?"

"Sure" he doesn't even look at me but I guess I just accept that. I go sit next to him on the bed and first watch at the tv then at him. He really is handsome with his messy blond hair and those pretty, big eyes and when he is focust he has that particular glance on his face. I still hate him but I kind of like him at the same time. I try to get to know the real Luke, the Luke that asked the way to the classroom, the not arrogant Luke, the Luke that was nice to me and the one I liked or like, I don't know.

"Can I play too?" I see him playing call of duty: Black ops and I remember that I always played it with Sam but 2 years ago he moved. I never saw him again.

"You?" he gives me a look like 'what do you say?' and I know he is thinking I'm dumb, stupid and a girl who thinks she can play black ops.

"Sure, there is the second console and you need to hold it in your hands li-" "I know how the use one of these, I'm not stupid or something." I answer.


He searchs a location and then clicks on the start button on the screen. At the same time we start focussing on the game and for a moment I forget that I'm playing with a jerk. After a while the game ends and he wins. He acts like it was a peace of shit but I know it was difficult for him. "Revenge!" I say. "Fine but I'll beat you again." "NOT" as soon as i say that I notice a little smile appear on his face. 

"So let the game begin." we both start playing and after a while I win.

"Wait what? How did you do that? You won?!" "Woopwoop yes I did. What did I tell you?" "Okay I want revenge!" 

And again I win. "No this isn't happening, a girl beats me?! Revenge!"

And everytime we play he acts more and more like a friend. It feels good. Maybe I see a little bit of that guy I saw on the first of September. 

"It's 4-4 so this is gonna be the crucial last round. The finale. Dumdumdumduuuuuum" "I'm gonna beat your ass" Luke says. "You wish!" We start playing and I'm striving for the first place. After a while the game ends and the results are loading. 

"Yeaaah, I've beaten you! I beat Luke Carpenteeeeeer. Wohooo!" I start dancing and Luke sits on his bed "How did this even could happen?" "Well it did! And maybe I am a little bit better then you." I smirk.

I start dancing again"I beat ya! I beat you hmhhh! I beat you!" and I keep dancing.

"Okay that's enough!" he walks toward me and smirks at me, then he grabs my waist and throws me on the bed. He jumps on it too and starts tickling me. I can't stop laughing and try to pull him away but every time I try to pull him away he comes closer again. At one moment I see a weakness in his arm and pull it towards me. He falls on his back and I end up laying on top of him. He tickles me even harder and I lose power. He turns me around, and at one moment on another we become quit. He stares into my eyes and we have one of those moments you don't need to say something but you just enjoy the silence and each other company. I feel safe, home. I feel him coming closer. I lose time when I look in his perfect blue eyes. They're pretty just like he is. His soft lips form a sweet, little smile. I look at his messy hairstyle and go with my hand through it. At the same time he comes closer and then I feel his lips gently touching mine. I can't discribe what I feel, the only thing I can discribe is the perfect kiss. 

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