Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


3. Lost


Damn it! Why does it always have to be me who loses his way.

I'm fucked. Let's skip the first lesson. I meen who's gonna miss me, nobody cause no one knows me. Accept Matt - and yah let's not talk about the other one- but he is obviously late. Maybe I should ask it to that girl she looks nice. Maybe a little weird. Wait what is she running? It's actually cute when she does that. Okay stop thinking like that.


I feel like i needed to go to the class because when it's your first day they notice it anyhow. So that meens I need to ask where biology is. Wel i have the choice, go to the hot, cute and weird girl or go to the guy who is picking his nose.       It's kind of obviouse who I'm gonna choose.

"Uhmn, do you know where biology is?" She turns around and I see the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She looks at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. I can tell she's nervouse cause she doesn't answer. "So, do you now where it is?" With a kind and very nervous voice she answers: "Yes, I do. I need to be there to, maybe I can walk you there?" We start walking after I agreed and i ask her name. "Rosie" she said.





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