Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


12. Jerk


I stare that's the only thing I do. I want to say 'no shit' but that would be a little bit inappropriate. "U-uhm, hi."

"That wasn't so hard, wasn't it?"

He breakes our eyecontact and gives his brother an angry look. Even his face can say 'shut the fuck up'.

"Can you show her around the house?" Luke sighs when his brother asked it. I sad feel sad when he does that, it's like he doesn't want me to be here, but that's actually pissing me off too.

"Sure" I can hear an arrogant touch in his voice and I know he does it only because he has to and his brother is older.

Luke turns around and starts walking to the stairs but before I step on it Ethan shouts my name "Oh and Rosie, make yourself at home." I smile at him, I turn around and I almost lose Luke, but I run as fast as I can and then start walking behind him again. "This is the bathroom, downstairs is the livingroom, make yourself at home." he gives me a fake smile while he says all of that on a very, very enthusiastic way. Then he turns around, walks in one of the bedrooms and closes the door. l try to open the door but it's locked "Serieusly?!" "Jep"

"Jerk." I wisper while I hit the door.

As I want to go downstairs I see that Charls and Ethan are kissing and because I don't want to interrupt their quality time I settle myself in front of Lukes door, put my earphones in and turn on my favorite music.

I think i fell asleep cause Luke pushes me and says dinner is ready, the only thought that was going through my mind was 'yes, saved'.

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