Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


18. I will


I interrupt our kiss and stare into her eyes. She touches my cheek very softly. "Maybe we should go back inside." She nods and I feel her fingers inlock with mine. I look down and she looks up. And with a smile on my face I walk her to my house.

I open the door for her and she starts laughing. "What?" "Nothing, you just changed out of the blue in a gentleman." "Don't get used to it okay." I say while smirking at her. With a big smile she shakes her head and walks inside. We enter my room and I see she is feeling cold. "Do you want some dry clothes.? I will get some towels and stuff." "Thanks." I walk to the bathroom and when I open my door again I see her looking at my photos. I hesitate for a while but then just go inside and give her the towels. "You can have one of my sweaters and a jogging if you want to." "Sure but I don't know if they will fit cause I mean your a lot taller then me." she laughs. "Just try them on. Who knows." I laugh. I go sit on my bed and look at her. She looks back and raises and eyebrow.


"Maybe a little privacy?"

"It's not that I haven't seen it before."

"What?!" she looks shocked but at the same time it's like she doesn't believe me.

"Well let's say at the night I was-" I scratch the back of my head cause I know she will feel uncomfortable.

"You remember?" She starts blushing and looks at the ground.

"Uhm yes. Maybe I should say no. So uhm no." I say with a big smile on my face. She starts laughing. Very short she says 'Okay', turns around and takes off her clothes. Did she just did that? The girl who they're calling the loser. My mouth dropped open when I saw her. She is so beautiful. All I really can remember are some vague pictures in my head cause i was too drunk, not this. She walks half naked to my closet and chooses a sweater and a short. I follow every step she takes and look at her body. She puts on my clothes and settles her next to me. It's quiet cause I think I'm still a little in shock and I don't know why she is.

"Is there something wrong?" I try to make eyecontact but she keeps staring at my wall.

"You can say it." I try.

"What does Tory means to you?"


"But she did meant something" I don't know if I ever loved her. I think I did but then things changed and I did change too. We weren't the same after-

"Once she did but. You see we were together but I dumped her and when I moved here she thought that I still loved her but I didn't. And yeah I kissed her a few times after I got here but I was lost, I think." She doesn't answer but she just gives me hug and goes sit on my legs. She comes closer and presse her lips on mine. 

I trust her and one time I will tell her. I will.


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