Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


29. I don't trust it


The day passes by very slow and I didn't even heard something about what the teachers told me. All that was on my mind was Matt's secret and Luke. I'm so worried. I texted him but he didn't answer. I called a couple of times but he didn't answer that either. 

I call his brother but for the second time he tells me he isn't home yet. He told me he is getting worried because he never stays away this long. A year ago he ran away very often but  he stayed away for one night and than showed up again. He would stay with a friend or somewhere else he never told his brother. I asked Ethan why he ran away so often but he wouldn't tell me, he said Luke needs to tell me. Ethan also explained that if Luke isn't back tomorrow he'd go search himself. He doesn't want to call the police because he knows he ran away and is hiding somewhere. I want to call the police but I trust Ethan and he probebly knows his brother better than I do so I don't. All that I can do is find him.  

After that call I let myself fall on my bed. Where are you, you stupid. Why are you doing this?


Another day has past and Ethan started driving around town looking for him. Calling everyone he knows but without result. He refuses to call the police and he convinced his mother not to call them. Ethan gives me every four hours an update about what he found out. When he calls me our conversation often ends about how hard it is for his mother and how his little sister frequently tells him that she misses Luke and how that breaks Ethans heart. After another phonecall ending like that I grab my phone and start calling a number.


"Meet me in the park at 7."


"Just be there okay." I say before I hang up. After dinner I make myself ready, say goodbye to my parents and tell them I will be back before ten and then I leave the house. I settle myself on a bench near a tree and look at my watch. 18.55 Let's hope he shows up. After ten minutes waiting a man goes sit next to me.

"Five minutes late you know"


"Matt you need to tell me who that person was. Was it Luke?"

"What no! It wasn't Luke and Rosie it's none of your business." He snaps.

"It is if it has something to do with Luke." I say while I look at him trying to make eyecontact. Matt says nothing and just stares in front of him.

"Look Rosie," he turn his head and stares into my eyes. He grabs my shoulders with his hand " I'm worried to. I don't know where he is nor what he is doing. And that person has nothing to do with him." 

"Are you sure?" 

"I'm sure." he wispers while giving me a hug.

"But who is he? And if you don't want to talk about it that fine but know that I'm here to talk."

"He is an old friend. Well he was a friend." 

"How come?"

"We were friends a couple of years ago but he was a bad influence. I don't need to explain what that means right?" I nodd.

"I wanted to stop and so I did. He couldn't accept that so he isn't a real friend."

"I'm so sorry Matt." 

"Don't be. And well I saw him a couple of days ago and he approached me. I thoughed he changed but he didn't so I told him this morning to leave me alone."

"Did it work?"

"I guess. I didn't see him anymore." We keep on talking for a while till I have to go home. He wants to walk me home and so he does. 

"Thanks Matt." I peck his cheek and give him a hug.

"For what?"

"being honest and walking me home of course" 

"Yeah I want you to be safe. It's dark so I can't let you walk alone right?" 

"Right" I laugh.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow" he says before turning around and walking away. I yell see you tomorrow back and then go inside.


Matt's POV

I grab the keys out of my jacket and open the frontdoor. I put out my jacket and throw it on a chair in the living room. I kick off my shoes and go upstairs. Without knocking I open the first door in the hall.

"Dude I can't do this anymore."

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