Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


21. Ask her out


I stare at him. I'm happy, I really am. He puts the radio on and we both start singing along with the songs. Sometimes I notice him looking at me then he smiles and gets his eyes back on the road. When his favorite song comes on he puts the radio a little louder and yells the lyrics. I look outside and see the water-drops falling down. I like this kind of weather but only if I'm inside and I can stare outside. I think it's relaxing. I feel a hand softly touching my leg. It's like it asks for permission to touch it because it doesn't know if I want it. I stare in his blue eyes for a few second and smile at him. I lay my hand above his. While he is looking forward a little smile appears on his face. For a minute it's quite cause we're both enjoying this moment. I like him, I really do.


We both start singing again, well it's not really singing anymore. I'm staring outside when I feel his grip getting more tight. I look at Luke and his eyes are focust on the car right in front of us. "Luke, you're hurting me. Let go." He doesn't answer he just stares. "Luke!" I punch him but he doesn't react. "Luke, answer me! Please!"

And then everything goes black.



She is cute when she doesn'tt want to say that it's true. I knew she didn't want to walk alone. I should ask it, just ask it. It isn't that difficult, isn't it? I look at her while she talks about her vacation with her parents last summer. I don't hear everything cause I'm thinking about how I'm gonna ask it and it makes me fucking nervous.

"Are you even listening to what I say?"


"Wauw. Am I that boring?" she says with an angry look.

"No ofcourse not, I was just uhm"

"It's okay if you think I'm boring" the look on her face is so serious.

"Nonono you're not boring at all!" She starts laughing at me.

"You had to see you're face. It was fantastic!"

"Ow ow you were fooling me?" she laughs even harder.

"Ooooohw you're gonna pay for this." I smirk.

"Try me." she crosses her arms and looks at me with a cute but bitchy face.

"That's enough" I pick her up and drag her around.

"PUT ME DOWN!" she laughs.

"Oh no." I walk to the closest trash can in the street.

"Oh don't you dare. Put me down!"

"What was that? Was that an apology?" I say.


"Oh well then that trash can looks like a place you're gonna lay in a few seconds." I laugh.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry."

"What did you say? I didn't hear you."

"Oh shut up! You did hear what I said."

"No I didn't." Actually I did but I just want to hear it again.

"Okay I'm sorry!" she yells. I put her down and look down at her.

"That wasn't so hard wasn't it?" She punches me and says I need to shut up. The next few minutes she teels me that karma is a bitch and that I'm gonna have my pay back. I don't believe that.


We arrive at her house and I know I need to ask it now. Damn it. In those movies it always looks easy, well it isn't. She gives me a kiss on my cheek and walks to her frontdoor. Now is the moment. I run to her door and she turns around.


"Uhm, I heard about this movie, Mission Imossible. And I was wondering if you uhm"

"Pick me up at 8 on Saturday." she smiles. After she gave me a small kiss on my cheek she disappears behind her frontdoor.

It's a date.




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