Unattainable love

When Luke moves with his family to Monterey he meets Rosie. Maybe she's the person who can bring the old Luke back or maybe her life will change forever.


19. A little visit


I feel my eyes falling down and I know I almost fall asleep. I lay my head on Lukes chest when his door opens. I do not pay attantion till I feel someone jumping on his bed. I open my eyes and see a little girl with brown long hair and big blue eyes. "Luuuuke. Dinner. Is. Ready." she says while jumping. "And who is she, Luke?" she stops jumping and falls on her knees while looking at me.

"Hey, I'm Rosie." she crawls toward Luke and wispers something in his ear. He looks down and how more she wispers the bigger the smile on his face. After Luke it's my turn. "Hi, I'm Lily." she makes a bow and I stand up and bow for her. "Well hello princess Lily." she giggles. "Are you staying for dinner?" "Well I don't know, sweety. I have to ask my mom and I don't know if your mom agrees with that." I look at Luke and he nods.

"Pleaaaaasee?" she looks at me with her big blue eyes and I can't resist them. "Ooh, I will stay." "Okay!" she turns around and walk with her princessdress on out of the room.

"So you have a little sister huh?" I laugh.

"Yess." he laughs.

"Well now I know what your weakness is. I think she would love to see you in a dress. Maybe try some make-up on you." I smirk.

"Oh no, no, no. Don't you dare to." I start running downstairs "You won't get me!" "Ofcourse I will!"

He catchs up and lifts me. "Put me down." "Nope." "He walks to the kitchen and puts me down." I hit his arm and start laughing.

I turn around and see his mom looking at us. "Hey, I'm Rosie." I smile at her. "I already introduced myself, didn't I." "Yess, Emma right?" "That's correct, darling. So you're staying for dinner?" "Uhm if that's possible, I mean I don't want to be a burden." "You're always welcome darling." "Thank you."

When everyone sits around the table I notice that Lukes dad isn't here. He's on all the pictures but I haven't seen him. Maybe he needs to work late or something. I forget about that and start talking again. I have a really great time and after dinner we go back upstairs.

When I enter his room I see that it's already half past 7. "Luke I have to go home. I sended my mom a text that I was here but she wanted me home before 8." "That's a pitty and what if I don't let you go?" he pushes me on his bed and holds my hands above my haid so I can't move. "Then my mom would be mad." he comes closer "That's too bad." He start kissing my neck. "Luke stop." "Why should I?" Actually I don't want him to stop but I have to be home in time. "Cause my mom is going to be mad, like very mad and I will get grounded." he lets me go but before he does that he gives me a cute little kiss.

I pack my stuff "I will bring your clothes back tomorrow." "You can keep them if you want to." "I'll see."

Before I walk outside I say goodbye to little Lily "Bye little princess." "Bye Rosie, I hope you will come back soon!" she is so cute. Then I say goodbye to Ethan and his mom. I thank her for the amazing food, give Luke a kiss and then I leave.

I walk past the place where the evening turned into something beautiful and it gives me a great feeling I never wanna lose again.

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