School's over and like every year there's a summer party. There is where it all started. Jane meets Matt, the irritating guy who's pist. It's not a good start but when they are drunk things change. And they totaly change when Jane wakes up the next morning.


6. The car


I park my car and I look at Jakes house. Am I ready for this? I don't know. I stay in the car a little longer and looking at his frontdoor brings up some memories.


While holding my hand he opens the door and before he goes outside he pushes his lips on mine. We walk out the house and I close the door while Matt is calling somebody. I go stand next to the wall cause my foot really hurts. When he end his call I ask who it was. He walks toward me, grabs my waist and wispers in my ear "That's a little secret, Jay." A spontanious smile appears on my face. Before I can even say anything he start kissing me again. I jump in his arms and then he pushes me against the wall. While he kisses my neck I go with my hands through his beautiful, brown messy hair. A loud noice interrupts us, Matt puts me down and turns around. "Our taxi is there." I say nothing and just follow. We step in the car and as soon as the door closes he puls me closer and kisses me again. the car starts moving and drives further away from the party.


I hesitate a little bit but still I ring the bell. Not even a minute later a girl with a big smile on her face opens "Good afternoon!" she smiles. "Oh it looks like someone had a great night." I laugh. she start blushing and then makes a sign to come in. As I walk in she wispers in my ear "It was the best night ever!" Then she walks to the kitchen to get some drinks. I guess I am the first one cause I don't see anybody else.

"Hey Mia, can I go to the bathroom?" I yell. "Upstairs on your left!" she answer from the kitchen. When I pass the kitchen I see Jake standing behind Mia kissing her neck. "Hey Jake." he turn around and starts blushing, I think he feels like he has been caught. "Hi, Jane"

I walk upstairs and start searching the bathroom. After doing those stairs I feel a heavy pain in my ankle. After a little while I go back downstairs and see that the other boys have arrived, including Matt. "Hi guys." "Jaaaannee!" all four of them yell, Matt just looks at the ground. I don't know if he remembers last night. I go sit next to Jack and right away he asks about my ankle "How are you doing, I meen d you still have pain? After you fell I didn't see you anymore." I look at Matt but I just act normal "It's okay, I think." "I think? Rose you need to go to a dokter or something." "Nonono, it's okay like I said." It hurts a little bit but it's not that bad, I hope. 

We leave for the McDonalds and split us up in two groups. One group rides with Jake, the other one with me. Ofcourse Mia wants to ride with Jake the two other ones are Fin and Chris. So that means Jack, Thomas and Matt are coming with me. I am not going to have a bad day because of a boy so I try to forget it. I put on some music and Jack starts to sing along not even a few minutes later everyone is singing along. 



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