School's over and like every year there's a summer party. There is where it all started. Jane meets Matt, the irritating guy who's pist. It's not a good start but when they are drunk things change. And they totaly change when Jane wakes up the next morning.


1. Summer party


It's the best time of the year. Summer and the last day of school.

Do you ever had the feeling you want to count down like they do in de High School Musical movies? Well I have it right now. There are only 2 minutes to go and it's vacation! I look at Mia, my best friend, and I see her counting too. Her face is pretty funny when she is focust.

Then the moment is there where everyone stares at the clock and the teacher knows no one is listening. 3,2,1! The bell rings and the whole school is out of class in a minute. I walk straight to Mia and we both start laughing.

"It's finally over!" I say. " Yes it is!" As we walk out of the classroom Jake yells at us to stop. "Do you girls want to come to the party at my house tonight?" I want to yell ofcourse we do but we try to keep it cool cause Jake is one of the most populair guys in school.

"What do you think, Mia? Are we gonna party tonight?" I see Mia blushing and struggling with the sentence she wants to say so I help her out a bit. "Yeah, sure." I say with a little smile on my face.

"Cool, see ya tonight."

"See ya." as soon as Jake turns around and walks away we look at each other and start laughing. "Thanks, Jane. I really suck at talking to a crush." I start laughing "Yeah, I think I just noticed that."

After school we go to my place and just chill a bit. At 9 o'clock Mia goes home and I start prepairing for the party. I put on a black dress and I pack my favourite purse. My mom is gone for the weekend so I close the door and go to Mia.

"Are you ready?" I shout to Mia's window. I don't get a response but I know she heard it. She opens the door "Yes, yes I'm coming."  Twenty minutes later I park my car "So, you really had to shave your legs again?" "Stop it Jane, we're here so don't worry." she laughs.

"Come in, girls." as soon as he said that Mia starts blushing again. "The party is in the yard but if you prefer to stay inside I won't be the one who stops you." We follow him to the garden and then he starts talking to other people.

"Com on go talk to him." I say. "Should I? I don't know I always collaps when he's around."

"Just go everything will be alright." at that moment she smiles at me and walks straight to Jake. I can see in his eyes he actually likes her so that's fixed.

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