School's over and like every year there's a summer party. There is where it all started. Jane meets Matt, the irritating guy who's pist. It's not a good start but when they are drunk things change. And they totaly change when Jane wakes up the next morning.


3. Stuck


We start dancing and I'm really having fun. The music is great maybe I should download some of those songs. I've never heard them before but they're actually pretty awsome. I am searching a pen inside to write the songs on my hand when I see Mia and Jake kissing. I feel so happy for her! She had a crush on him since I don't even know since when but take it from me, since a long time.

When i find a pen in a drawer, I write the songs on my hand then I go back to the party. We dance, we sing along, we drink. I'm a little tipsy and when my song comes on it only gets worse. I start singing and jumping, actually everyone is doing that. 

At one moment I turn around and I feel that I made a wrong choice when I choose these shoes. Black high heels are very pretty but still a wrong choice. Left, right aaaaand there I am laying on the ground. 

"Oh no Jane! Are you okay?" Jack says when he helps me get up.

"Yeah, sure." It hurts but i just smile it away. 

"I know that smile, Jane, you're in pain." 

"Okay maybe I am a little bit." The next moment I just think no no no no but it just happens. Jack puts me on a chair next to Matt. Great.

None of us say something till "Nice fall" he chuckles.

"Shut up" I snap. 

That's the last thing I said to him that night at least the last thing I can remember. 

But clearly it ended up differently.

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