School's over and like every year there's a summer party. There is where it all started. Jane meets Matt, the irritating guy who's pist. It's not a good start but when they are drunk things change. And they totaly change when Jane wakes up the next morning.


7. Nobody


For a second I have akward eyecontact with Matt, he gives me a little smile and the turns his head. What was that a smile like ' I know what happened last night' or 'hey I'm nice cause I don't know you anymore'. I get my attention back on the road and try to forget it.

After an hour we leave the McDo and drive to the Luna Park. I have a great night, we laugh, go on attractions, eat a lot of stuff and buy some souvenirs. After a terrific rollercoaster we go sit on the green field and start telling stories.

"Hey guys, what do you think if y'all would stay at my place for the night?" Jake asked. "Yeah, awsome!" Thomas yelled and everyone start laughing.

When the park closes we drive to Jakes house. Jake gets us some drinks and we put on a campfire. It's really cosy and we start playing Never Have I Ever. I get to know a lot of things I would rather not know but I ignore that and just enjoy the night. At 3 o'clock we go inside cause it's too cold outside and right away everyone falls asleep. Everyone except me. I go outside put my earphones in and lay myself on a bench. I close my eyes and enjoy my music.

All of a sudden I hear someone jump in the pool. At the moment I look he's onder the water so I cant tell who it is. I close my eyes again and try to relax.

I almost fall asleep when I feel water-drops falling on my face. One falls in my eye so I can't see anymore, I want to wipe the drops away with my hands but a pair of strong hands hold them. Another water-drop falls on my nose and it tickels. I feel another fall on my lips and suddenly i feel two soft, wet lips touching mine. First I want to push him away but then I notice myself kissing back. From one moment to another he pulls away. I wipe the drops away , get up and look around.




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