School's over and like every year there's a summer party. There is where it all started. Jane meets Matt, the irritating guy who's pist. It's not a good start but when they are drunk things change. And they totaly change when Jane wakes up the next morning.


4. (Good) morning


I wake up as soon as I feel an unfamiliar hand moving around waist very slowly. Then I realise I'm laying naked on someones chest. 

When i open my eyes I see a sleeping, naked Matt.

I can't remember what happend but I put his arm carefully next to me and crawl out of bed.

I get myself dressed and leave the room.

As I walk out of the building I notice it is a bed and breakfast. 



We get out of the cab and I almost forget my jacket. Matt starts laughing at me but then he puls me closer and grabs my ass. He looks me in the eyes and then he kisses me. He pulls me against the wall kisses me again but then he interrupts "Wait here" After a few minutes he grabs my hand, picks me up cause I can't walk that great after what happend with my ankle and drags me to room number 6.

          {END OF FLASHBACK}


I call a taxi and start waiting. I look around and see that someone is opening the curtain. A boy is staring outside with sleepy eyes.


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