Dance Of Blood: Red Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters they belong to their owner.

I only own my own character (Aiko), the plot and any other characters not from the Naruto series.


3. 3.

Pain shoots through my body as my internal alarm clock rings and my eyes open slowly. If this is heaven then it isn’t as good as it’s described.

            “There’s movement! Someone go and get the Hokage!”

            That voice…man it is annoying. The white light that had engulfed my eyesight drifts away slowly and I am met with a face…and a bowl cut…

            “So much youth flows through this one!”

            Right. Power of youth. I push myself up and flinch as a searing pain erupts within my forehead. This idiot didn’t even bother to move when I did! I hear a set of footsteps running towards us and all of a sudden he isn’t in my face any more.

            “What do you think you’re doing?!”

            This voice is new it must belong to the footsteps. I turn my head to look at the new person. I hope he is nothing like that idiot.

            “I thought I told you to get me yourself!” They roared, “Not the Hokage!”

            I watched as bowl cut nodded sheepishly and slowly lifted a hand to point me out to his friend. The other male had strangely styled silver hair and looked to be a little taller than his bowl cut counterpart. I cleared my throat and watched as he turned slowly.

            “Ah, so you’re awake now.”

            That face….

            Fear filled me as I took in his eyes. It couldn’t be could it…?


            It was him!

            “Gai…I swear the next time that you even think of not doing as I have asked will ensure you being the next person laying there.”

            His voice was so cold. The bowl cut guy, named Gai, jabbed his finger in my direction causing him to freeze. He turned slowly before relaxing his features and smiling – well I would assume it was smiling but he is wearing a weird mask. He waves at me causing unease to arise within me. This man, the killer of my best friend, stood there waving at me like it was nothing.

            “Well hello there, my apologies for not controlling myself a moment ago,” He said, “My name is-”

            “I know who you are.”


            “You killed her. You killed my best friend.”

            The tone in my voice surprised me yet I wouldn’t show that to this stranger. Not to someone who would throw away life so carelessly. He studied me for a moment before glancing at the male stood behind him. It was a silent exchange and from the wide eyed expression giving away the pure horror that the bowl cut felt he fled the room.

            “So I did. I apologise for that.”

            “Apologising won’t bring her back. Nothing will bring back my best friend. You killed her and then expect me to accept your apology. Tch, you’re pathetic.”

            “I understand your feelings. I apologise again, I don’t know what came over me. I just wish for you to hear me out and understand-”

            “Understand?” I interject, “You expect me to understand why you killed her! Kisama! You know nothing. Do you even know what it feels like to lose someone? Huh, do you?!”

            I watch as he looks me straight in the eyes. His body tenses as if filled with a sudden anger. His eyes cloud over a little as he clenches his fist almost as it to control himself. This however doesn’t stop me. No I have to say the next two stupid sentences to fall out of my, less than clever, mouth;

            “You know nothing of suffering! I bet everything was handed to you on a silver plate!”

            Before I realise what I have done wrong. Before all hell breaks loose.

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