Dance Of Blood: Red Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Naruto characters they belong to their owner.

I only own my own character (Aiko), the plot and any other characters not from the Naruto series.


2. 2.

Where am I…? This place…it feels so dark…

         Black. That’s all I can see for miles. I don’t know what time it is or what the date might be. I woke up and everything was black. A times I hear things – voices I think – but they sound shallow to me as if I were under water.

I can’t move... am I dying…? I feel so…drained…

         My mind focuses all of the energy I have towards my arms to push myself up but I can’t feel them. I try to turn my head as the noises come back. They sound so sad. They always do. Whenever I hear them they always sound so lonely. Maybe that’s what makes them sad. They always sound like they’re alone and like nothing can ever make them feel better.

“You need to leave!”

         My eyes grow wide as I hear it. The first time I’ve heard something so clear while being in here.

“It’s the only way to save her!”

         Save who? Is someone dying? I try to sit up again only to feel something different. My body feels heavy like a weight is pressing down on me.

“Keep her down!”

         Keep who down? Panic rises within me as the air around me becomes colder. There wasn’t a temperature till now. The weight moves off me and it feels like I’ve been released from shackles. I see my arms move into the air and my body moves like something else is pulling me along. My feet stumble forwards taking me with them as I move through the darkness.

         “What’s going on? We’re losing her! Hurry up and get the treatment in here now!”

         The ground shakes as what sounds to be a herd of elephants going on a rampage echoes all around me.

What is this…?

         My hands fly to my ears to cover them as my eyes try to find the source of the noise.

What is that?!

         A red line flies out of nowhere. I turn and run forwards to escape it only to see the line spread out to form a curve and pick up speed. I can feel a scream climbing its way up my throat. I bite my lip to keep it in and focus on getting as far as I can away from it.


         Out of the corner of my eye I can see the light stretching with me as my legs buckle.

“Get out! This is an order!”

         The light glows brighter at the sound of the voices and gets to close for comfort. My knees hit the floor but my hands push me up and I’m off again. I pick my pace up and close my eyes as something hard barges into me. My eyes fly open in surprise and I feel my body fly through the air as the red light engulfs me. My body hits the floor with a ‘thud’ and a white mist rises off the floor, much like dust, and dissipates in to thin air.

What was that…?

         “Hurry up and bring the treatment in now! If we lose her then you can deal with him!”

Him? Who is that?

         I take a deep breath and pull myself up. I stand there for a minute and catch my breath. My eyes scan around me and I smile relieved to see that the light won’t be coming back for a round too.

Now to find a way back…

         I put my hands into my pockets as the temperature still hasn’t dropped. I take a step forwards before something else barges me and knocks me flying again. I wince as the green light surrounds me before a blue one engulfs me. I go flying backwards this time before another red one hits me.

         “We’re losing her! Where the hell is that medicine I asked for half an hour ago?!”

         My eyesight goes blurry as my body hits the floor and more dust like substance surrounds me. The voice sounds so angry.

Am I dying…?

More different coloured lights hit me.

        Huh, to think I didn’t make it home in time for his birthday…sorry Dad…maybe another time.

        My eyes start to close and just as they do one last light engulfs me taking away the darkness. This time its colour was… white.

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