Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


7. Pan

"Thanks for getting me out of that book I've been trying to get my shadow to find me" his shadow slowly disappeared into him "you must be Ivy hi nice to meet ya I'm of course Peter Pan." I shook his hand "Frost I haven't seen you in two days I thought something happened to you!" Jack bro hugged him "not really just here protecting the protected" Pan frowned "I see we got ourselves a new one" a new one? "What do you mean 'new' one? There was more protesters before me?" They stayed silent except for Pan "you guys didn't tell her?" Calum looked away "she doesn't need to know, not yet" Jack floated beside me clearing his throat "I think you should go to class" I nodded walking off.

Well it looks like Pan will be staying with us, hopefully they will tell me what happened to the other protesters of the book before me. I don't want a fight happening especially near students or the school; I don't think the school can a magic fight/ battle whatever you call it. Besides the book is enough .

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