Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


8. our first mission

After the whole Peter Pan shadow issue the boys still wouldn't tell Ivy about the other protesters and it's been a week. Astrid played with Ivy's stuff in her room until a shadow passed "Pan, is that you?" She got up slowly her eyes glowing yellow "the shadow moved again "this isn't funny Peter, you know not to mess with a dragon" she growled. She smelled something that wasn't from here and wasn't any of her friends scent. Smoke puffed out her nose in anger "ok come out who ever you are" she yelled "as you wish" she growled as a tall slim figure with skinny long legs come out of the dark. He has on a purple suit with a gap smile and a tall black hat "shadow man, what the hell are you doing here?" He tsk "language, you dragons were always known to be potty mouths". Where's Michael your twin brother and the rest of your petty crew and I see Mara has found a new protector" he chuckled "what do you want?" She snarled at him "oh nothing just to keep you out of the way knowing that you're the extra protection for the book." The shadow man's shadow grabbed Astrids shadow so she couldn't move "let the fun begin" she tried getting free but couldn't "I should take you and this book with me. Helga will be pretty amazed to see a captured dragon especially the black dragon of the east China tomb of the monks" (I made that part up☺️)

She growled at him still trying to fight "give up child, there's nothing you can do but just give in, I won and you lost now the book can be useful."

"For the last time Calum it was just a movie we all know what you look like as Horus and we know that you true form is not mad of gold and you don't bleed gold" Ivy scoffed rolling her eyes "I'm just saying, it could be a lot better with the real Horus in that movie."

Ivy unlocked the door to her house, luckily her parents weren't home yet but Mara is "Mara!" They all said. She looked pissed "where's the book and the dragon?" "Astrid's upstairs guarding the book while we were at the movies. She didn't want to go" Mara still looked angry "Mara are you ok?"

"Does it look like I'm ok? The shadow man took the book and Astrid, you still have the key to the book and the book is locked right?" Ivy nodded pulling the key from in her shirt. "Good, they can't open it without the key," she said. "Wait how come the book didn't cry out to us like it did with Pans shadow?" Luke asked "Pan's shadow is able to touch anything physical and and other people's shadow which he doesn't do often, so when Pan's shadow took tried reaching the physical form of the book it felt his presents. Now the shadow man however knows he can't touch the book or it will go off so instead his shadow that can only touch, of course, shadows grabbed the books shadow which couldn't set it off. The book can only feel physical touch and not the touch of shadow man." Ivy went to her room then came back with panic in her eyes "why would he take Astrid?" Mara frowned "you guys didn't tell her did you? You were suppose to educate her about this stuff, you guys are teachers after all will fight about this later. Astrid is a black dragon of the east China tomb of the monks she's the guardian of the book and protects the protector not only that she's Michael's twin sister. A dragon can be used and controlled as weapon that's why I told you that the key controls the dragon that was inside for emergencies like this. Luckily the key is powerful to control the dragon when they get to her head. Dragons are very special in our world they can be used for many things especially a black dragon which is why we have to get the book and Astrid back." Michael's blood boiled and his eyes went black "Mi-Michael?" Ivy questioned "that fucker took my sister, I'm going to kill that son of bitch when I see him" his voice changed a little more demonic "Michael calm down, I think it's best if you just stay here, Jack you can keep an eye on him" Jack nodded.


I feel really bad for Michael, him and sister must be really close; I watched as the boys transformed into their true forms. I hopped on Liam's back and he took off with Pan, Zayn, Louis, Calum and Luke flying behind them. Niall rode on Harry's back While Ashton led the way. "Ashton found anything?" Niall asked, Ash shook his head "Calum looked to see if there was any sign of danger till he heard Liam's cry for help. "Calum!!" I screamed, Calum flew down at full speed and caught me by the waist pulling her to his chest. Liam fell to the ground trapped in a net "Liam!" "Shit" Pan said as he fell and hit the ground. One by one each fell to the ground, Calum covered me with his wings to protect me from the fall. "You ok?" I nodded "what about you?" His eyes closed "Calum, Calum!" Ashton, Niall and Harry came up to us "what happened?" I don't know, we were flying and something attacked them" I couldn't stop crying afraid that they might be dead. "Ivy look at me" I did what Ashton said "they will be fine they're just knocked out but we have to keep-" he was cut off by a tranquilizer so was Harry and Niall "guys, wake up, wake up!" I looked up hearing laughter "so this is the so called protector" tears still streamed down my face "who are you?" The lady with black horn and green eyes scoffed "how pathetic, my name is Maleficent."


The boys finally woke up and went to finish finding the others "we have to hurry before it's too late." Liam say. An hour later they found the cave and Michael there with Jack "what are you guys doing here?" We thought maybe you guys needed extra help" before Calum could speak they heard a growl coming from the cave. Ivy ran passed the guys with out seeing them and Astrid going after her "too late we need to get that key" another dragon landed in front of them "mother" Maleficent laughed "Michael my beautiful son how are you?" "Pissed, Astrid is going to kill Ivy" Maleficent laughed "Astrid wouldn't kill unless..." Maleficent frowned "Helga" she growled. The boys split up to fight while Louis took control protect Michael as he took control of his mother.

Ivy came back 2 hours later "Michael!" Louis told infringes of her "sorry love but he's to busy controlling his mother" Ivy's eyes widened "Maleficent is their mother!" He scoffed "don't be surprised, where do you think Astrid got her dragon side from?" "So who's the dad?"

"Hayden" she took everything in "wow, who else is related on our team?" Louis smiled at how interested she's into the conversation "Luke is the youngest out of the hemming family, Jack Frost is the second and Ben is the oldest out of the two."

After the battle Michael woke up from his controlling after the got the key and Maleficent killed Helga for taking control of her daughter. "Wow I can't believe half of you guys are related, you have to tell me more about your lives." They all laughed at her excitement "I can't wait to go to sleep" Michael said "yea me too" Astrid said.

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