Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


5. 4

-3rd person-

It's been 3weeks since Jordan joined in on protecting the earth from evil, but nothing exciting happened. Well besides Ace popping up everywhere in mini size, Jordan opened her locker and screamed finding mini Ace "hey" Jordan frowned " NOW!!" She said "uh... Jordan who are you talking to?" She slammed her locker shut and laughed nervously "no one I was talking to no one or something at all" her friend, Chrissy just started "well... Ok then see you after school" Jordan spoke forgetting that she had training with the others "actually I have trai- I mean tutoring after school" she nodded "ok maybe this Saturday we can hang out" Jordan just smiled as she walked off then opened her locker back up frowning at Ace but she wasn't there "Ace?" "Yea" she jumped turning around "Ace!" She snapped "yes?" She sang, Jordan just signed "never mind"


I kept writing notes for biology in miss. Write who's a nymph. Her real name is spring "Jordan!" I turned around "what?!" I asked Chrissy and she just pointed at the window out side. I looked outside seeing a very beautiful flower just sitting there swaying...WAIT, WHAT!? I looked at the flower again flowers don't sway do they? "Isn't it pretty?" I just nodded still looking at the flower. It reminded me of something then it clicked to me. A ECHIDHNA!!! I watched it slowly, why so small shouldn't it be huge? I guess since its in the human it makes more since to disguise it's self like. A flower. I saw a janitor that mowed the lawn and my eyes widened "miss. Write!?" She looked at me "yes?" I looked out the window one more time "there's a flower outside, it's very beautiful and I think you would like it if I plucked it before the janitor tries to cut it" she understood and let me go. I went to my locker and grabbed my scythe that Edith gave me, when I touched it, it started to glow. I called the boys and Ace and they came quickly "so where is?" 😒 well that's a stupid question "outside" I said "wow Michael, asking the obvious" he glared at Louis "guess we need to go" we ran outside and it was too late, it ate the man. "It ate the janitor" I say sadly "well at least I don't have to deal with his grumpy ass" Michael said "that's just wrong" I say "he was pretty grumpy all the time" the others agreed. They can be so dark sometimes, anyways they transformed and we went to go attack but stopped when the flower grew.


As the flower grew we all backed away, my tail between my legs just like Ash, Luke, Louis and Ace "ok, so maybe this is bigger than we thought" Ace spoke. "What ever let's just kill this thing" "WAIT MICHAEL!!" We tried stopping him but it was too late it ate him and Jordan started to freak out while we sat there calmly "Jordan calm down he's fine" Luke said "fine... HOW COULD HE BE FINE THAT PLANT ATE HIM FOR FUCK SAKE!!" The plant puked Michael up "see he's fine" Luke say "that was disgusting" Michael said shivering "I'm confused, what just happened "yea you see an Echidhna can't eat a demon" Ash said "well why not?" Ash chuckled "isn't it obvious?, they taste disgusting" he joked "your the one to talk dog breath" Michael snapped "guys!" We looked at Louis "the plant?!" "Oh" we all said. I Transformed into a Griffen getting into battle formation, Ace transformed into a dragon, Michael went all demon, Ashton turned into a big ass wolf, Zayn went into flames, Niall was glowing, Louis transformed into a big ass cat but stayed away from Ash since he's allergic, Luke shapeshifter into a little groundhog and went underground to find the roots. Cal pulled out his bow and arrows and started aiming at the plant while Jordan...WAIT WHERES JORDAN!!! I started flying around to see if I could find her and I did thank God. The plant turned to face her before it can hit her I landed in front of her roaring at the plant showing who's the bigger monster "Liam I need to get to the head" I nodded letting her ride on me.


You have got to be kidding me, I have to chew the roots off while everyone else fights. I bet Luke is having better luck than I am, these things just keep growing "you can't defeat me!" It screamed. "Kids out of the way" mum was out of class in her true form, she was so beautiful like always. Her feet planted into the ground and everything started glowing, luckily Luke came from under ground before that plant exploded, getting slime all over us "time to go back to class. all of you" Zayn groaned "but what about my hair and cloths?!" He started to whine. I smirked going up to him in dragon form "ACE DON'T YOU DARE-" I cut him off and licked him all over. The slime is very minty and fresh, usually Echidhna have a minty chlorophyll that is good for dragons. It smells great on dragons but on other creatures well your gonna need to shower for at least 3hrs to get the smell off. "Me next!!" Michael said "no me first" I just rolled my eyes "just make a line you idiots" I licked each and everyone of them clean off then I licked Jordan off "hey I'm clean and dry, and I don't smell like anything. Why is that?" Our mother chuckled "a dragons saliva is like a shower, it's always fresh and clean because of the things they eat. It's better than taking a 3hr shower that's what makes dragons so special" I blushed when my mum looked at me with a wink. "Zayn just hates it because it messes up his hair" Jordan started petting me and I rolled over on my back so she can pet my stomach and she did as she cooed at me. I wagged my tail making the others having to jump, Calum flew in the air to keep from having to jump all the time. My gem on my chest started to glow and before I could stop Jordan from touching it her hand goes in and she pulls out a weapon, how is that possible? The gem usually hurts human or send them to another dimension or send evil creatures back to where they came from. "Amazing, Edith must see this" we went back into the school exhausted from everything that happened and of course the girls flirting with my brothers and a few boys trying to get my number which they gotten their head bashed in.

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