Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


5. wasn't a dream

I woke up the next morning with the book on my side desk table. The book still locked "so, it was just a dream" I sighed in relief. "Today is going to be a beautiful" I say, I freshened up for the day and went to school.

"Ivy!" Levy called; Crystal and Levy caught up beside "you avoided us yesterday, is everything ok?" "Yea, it's just yesterday was weird" we stopped at our locker grabbing some stuff for our classes "how weird what happened?" I told them about the teachers being replaced by new teachers and the book. I didn't tell them everything about the book not wanting them to think I'm crazy.

1st period my stomach dropped "good morning class" this wasn't a dream!! "Louis looked at me with a smirk "today we're going to learn about mythology! And write an essay" all the students groaned besides me. "Now, demons..." "pisss..." I looked to my left to see Astrid "Ah!!" I fell out my seat but got up quickly hearing the class laugh. Louis had one brow up looking up at me "Miss. ray, you ok?" I nodded "ok, as I was saying, demons that are born and made has a choice of being good or bad some of them are both unlike demons that existed for years are very bad. Some just wants to understand the life of a human, their hearts are jet black and cold. they can be childish at times and can be idiots" he mumbled the last part annoyed, of course, he's talking about Michael. "Mr. Tomlinson, have you ever met a demon before?" He looked around nervously "of course not,why do you ask?" He asked nervously "you're talking about it as if you met one or been friends with them and you kind of looked annoyed mumbling the last two words." I stood up quickly to save Louis "Mr. Tomlinson, Astrid and I need to talk to you in private it's a uh... emergency" I faked a smile "we do?" "Yes" I said through gritted teeth.

We went out the hall with Louis "what the hell was that?!" Louis looked at me with a blank face "ok, you guys are real and some how not a dream, but if you're going to be a teacher be careful about your feelings towards the others. Why would you pick that topic?" I asked "it wasn't me, the English board wanted us to do this I don't know why, but I'll be careful" I nodded "and Astrid don't ever do that again. About the book, how come the others didn't come out?" Louis grabbed the book out of my hand and looked through it snickering "because, they don't want to, it's safer there plus they are for emergencies only, well sometimes. We have to talk about this later."

2nd period, Art and to be honest I hate it, only because Zayn keeps watching me paint. all he would do is stare I wish he would stop staring; sorry if I'm making you feel uncomfortable and yes I'm in your head; can you please get out? Fine

3 period Harry wrote equations across the board expecting us to answer them. "This is due at the end of class" I rose my hand awkwardly "yes?" "Do you expect us to answer them?" He raised an eyebrow "it's easy, if you were paying attention maybe you could answer it" he snapped. I frowned  4th period, gym is the worst thing to ever be invented. Liam, constantly blowing his whistle at students who wouldn't behave. I can't till this day is ove- what's noise? And why isn't anyone else hearing it? Liam looked at me, guessing he can hear it too "class coach Henry will watch you I'll be right back" I followed Liam out the door "what's that sound? it hurts" I say putting my hands against my ears "it's the book crying for help" books can't cry for help "your kidding me right?" He put me on his back while running at the same time "does it look like I'm joking, look something or someone is trying to get into your locker" we stopped mid way so did Astrid and the others as if they were scared to move "guys what's wrong?" I looked at whatever that thing was and Astrid just scoffed "Peter Pan's shadow, seriously?" I looked at her dumb founded "Jesus, don't scare us like that" the shadow just shrugged with a smirk. I opened my locker pulling the book out "why does Peter's shadow want the book?" I open the book not knowing what I'm looking for "it's not the book he wants, it's Peter, Peter and his shadow can't be deprecated from each other for this long" Liam said "well then let's let him out" I say.

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