Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


4. 3


I had to move to new school since my school was destroyed but some student that was stupid enough to put zinc and hydraperoxide together. Some people that went to my old school came to the same school as I did. I even saw the mystery kids that went to our school, they're all brothers and have one sister. Everyone knows their names but they never make in other friends outside their group. I wonder why? The girls always flirt with them but they never seem interested but when it comes the little sister they go over board especially Zayn, Liam, Calum, Ashton and Harry . But Zayn and Calum are really scary, one time at our old school Ace, their little sister was surrounded by a few boys who were trying to get her 'cookies' if you know what I mean. She's really pretty though, she has red hair and black streaks in her hair and orange eyes. And it's all natural which is pretty cool, I bumped into someone "you ok?" I looked up at "Michael!" I say surprised. I never knew he was Australian then his other brothers spoke, apparently the they aren't brothers and sister by blood 4 Australian and 5 British. The sister is mixed like Michael, Ashton, Louis and Calum. "Wasn't your hair red yesterday?" Michael just smirked. Today his hair was yellow "what class do you have next?" Michael asked "oh I have mythology class" he smiled "great, we have that class!" I nodded and we all walked to the class and sat next to each other. "Hello class my names miss. Turner, 1st lesson" the door shut by its self, the blinds closed and the lights went out. What is going on?! I looked around though the dark until the lights came back on, I turned back around and saw... A DRAGON!!! I flipped out of my chair "woah calm down" I heard Liam who had a lion tail and wings. "This has to be a joke!!" I say but they all shook their heads "my real name is Edith I'm a witch these are my nephews and niece" the all stood up and introduced them selfs "my names Zayn I'm a phenix" no wonder he shows up so beautiful everyday and his wings they're gorgeous "I'm Louis I'm a neko" ok so he's a Japanese myth "my names Niall I'm a leprechaun" of course he's Irish "I'm Harry and I'm a...well... I'm a merman" i can see that his hair is wavy and gorgeous "I'm Liam and I'm a Griffen" well that's obvious since the lion tail gives it away "my names Luke I'm a shapeshifter" yup I can see that. He had a monkeys tail and ears on the top of his head, "my names Calum I'm Horus or the falcon" his wings spread out a little showing off his bravery "I'm Ashton and I'm a werewolf" his tail swayed a little and his ears perked up and I laughed. "And I'm Michael I'm a demon" he smirked and I rolled my eyes, I'm guessing he's the one who blowed up the school. I wonder where Ace went "oh Ace is the dragon" Ace transformed, she had a tail wolf ears and wings "our aunt put a spell on her to make her this so she doesn't be hunted for her blood" I nodded. They told me everything and asked me to help so I agreed since I do love mythology, but I don't have any powers or magic. So, how can I help? This is going to be a wild adventure, I guess being a normal teenager is way off my list.

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