Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


3. 2

-many years later-

God please kill me now, geometry sucks!!! "Ace are you even listening?!" I rolled my eyes "sure" I'm supposed to be looking for a girl named "Jordan!" I looked up and turned looking out the door. That's her that's the girl were supposed to look for. The bell ring and I ran out after Jordan but lost her,Dammit!!


Chemistry, it's ok "today we will be mixing to get different reactions" FUCK YEA!!! I sat next to this girl Taylor who thinks she's smarter than everyone "you know your hair is going to fall out if you keep dying it" I just rolled my eyes "you know your mouth will fall off if you keep being such a smart ass" she glared at me. My hair is naturally like this, it changes every few weeks. I kept mixing things until I saw something pass the class room, what the hell was that?


Me and Ashton sat in English class doing nothing, Ash was still sniffing out for Jordan "anything" I asked. He shook his head "I think she left the school already. The only thing I can smell is smoke and-" before he could finish Michael came in "excuse me who are you?" The teacher asked but Michael ignored the teacher "you two, now" what does he want this this time? He dragged us out to the hallway "what's up?" Ash asked "I blew up the chemistry room to distract everyone" we looked at him confused "distract everyone from what?" We heard screeching noises coming down the halls.


Today we're playing dodge ball, Luke keeps getting hit with so many balls, well he is an easy target since he's a giant 6,4 child with incredibly long legs. Liam and Niall were screaming and cheering me on, I gotten a little too cocky and gotten hit in the balls "oooh" the boys said. I fell in pain "OUT!!!" The teacher told. Seriously I just gotten hit in the balls, the boys helped me on the bench, as we kept playing we heard screeching and explosions. What's going on? Before I could say anything Michael, Zayn and Ashton broke a hole into the wall "we have a problem a very BIG problem" Zayn said. Kids started to run and scream teachers trying to get the students out safely "how big?" Liam asked "let's just say it involves demons trying to take over the school" "that's big" Luke said and Niall agreed. We ran into the halls seeing things getting destroyed and a girl getting dragged by a poltergeist. Liam attacked the poltergeist while I helped the girl out, she ran off as she thanked me. Louis and Calum came busting through the wall "I'm guessing you guys saw as well" Cal said and we nodded. "Ace came through the wall in dragon form "ok I found Jordan but she left and also were being attacked by demons" she said panting "we know" I said "WAIT YOU LOST JORDAN YOU DUM LIZARD YOU SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED HER!!!" Michael yelled "well it's good that she left or we would have lost her for good" Liam said "now let's put their asses back in hell where they belong" we all transformed into our true form and we started to fight.

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