Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


3. open book

"How was the book festival?" Ivy's mom asked " it was great." I by ran up stairs to her room and shut it "ok book let's see if your real" she used the key to unlock it and when she did it revealed a few writings, the poem "a dreary day is a deadly fate to face; call for help and help shall come; close this book for now your heroes have come." She looked over the book and waited for something to happen "I knew it" she threw the book in her trash and went to bed.

The next morning at school crystal and Levi waited for her at their usual spot near the football field. "So was the book magical?" Levi asked, waving his hand in the air as if he's sprinkling pixie dust. "Not really but she said that once I open this book these creatures will come out in different locations not in the same place. Of course I didn't believe her so I threw the book in my trash bin" Ivy spotted a boy with green hair and pale skin. His skin is so pale that it looks like he never goes out side or he could be a vampire "is he new?" Ivy shrugged "I have no idea, let's go before we're late."

1st period, English class; Ivy sat in the front as always. "Good morning class" that's not Mr. Write, who is this guy "my name is Mr. Tomlinson I will be your new teacher, sadly Mr. Write quit so I'll be your new teacher for the rest of the year." Mr. Tomlinson has brown fluffy hair, his eyes are a greenish looking color with a hint of blue in them.

2nd period, art that's not mrs. Ally, what is going on? She looked out the window and her eyes landed on the green hair boy. "My names Mr. Malik the new art teacher, Mrs. Ally moved to another school." Mr. Malik started calling roll and when he called on Ivy he stopped and glanced at her then smirked.

3rd period, pre-cal "my names Mr. Styles" let me guess, ms. Pillar quit as well or was probably fired. She mentally rolled her eyes. All day she couldn't figure where her teachers have gone; in gym her teacher was Mr. Payne, 4th period, Astronomy Mr. Clifford the guy with the green hair that was standing outside, 5th period, U.S history Mr. Irwin, 6th period, Spanish Mr. Hood then 7th period music class Mr. Horan.

She went home avoiding her friends and her mom "what is going on?" She went to her trash bin and noticed the book was gone "looking for this?" She turned quickly facing a girl with black hair with a few markings on different parts of her body "wh-who are you?" The girl sat on her desk crossing her legs "my names Astrid, I'm from the book" Ivy scoffed "yea right" she tisk "it's true!" "What your going to tell me that you're the dragon that lady was talking about" she turned her back on the girl walking to her door until a flame hit the floor close to her feet. Her eyes widened "how did you do that?" Astrid smirked "like I said, I'm Astrid the dragon and I came from this book, and you must be Ivy the protector of the book and we are your protector" she looked at the girl bow down in front of her as if she's royalty "we? Who's we?!"

Her question was answered when 8 boys came through her open window "uh...WHAT!!??"


My teachers are mythical creatures I must be dreaming, soon by tomorrow all of this will go away, right? "Michael and Jack are coming they're to busy fighting" Mr. Irwin said. He stretched "Mara has her weird ways on protecting us" they know Mara? That crazy lady from the festival? We heard a few punches and turned to my open window. A gust of wind came through making the papers on my desk fly off. A boy with white hair, pale skin, a blue hoodie with snowflakes on it and black ripped skinny jeans. "Ok you two break apart" Mr. Payne separated the Mr.Clifford from the white hair boy "Mr.-" they cut me off "please call us by our first name. My names Liam that's Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Jack and of course you met Astrid." I nodded "so Jack as in Jack Frost, THE Jack Frost?!" He smiled a cocky smile "the one and only" now I'm going insane!

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