Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


2. 1

-many years ago-

"Today is a lovely day, isn't it spring?" Spring looked up at the sky "it sure is beautiful" the two lady's walked around the small quiet town until they heard squeaking noses from afar "oh dear someone's hurt" spring spoke in worry "or something look over there!" Edith pointed. They went gotten closer and saw a baby dragon "oh dear, I thought there were no dragons left, after the whole charade that over the past few years" spring said as she picked up the red and black baby dragon "hmm... We better take her with us before someone decides to take her for her for her blood" Edith mentioned. Edith used a spell to turn the baby dragon into a human baby, "that won't do others will mistake her as a human, oh I know!" She used another spell that gave the baby wings a tail and ears of a wolf "there, at least louis won't be the only neko in the family" Edith chuckled. They went back to the hut "boys I want you to meet someone" Edith yelled. The boys came running out and crowded "welcome home mother and aunt Edith" the boys said "who's that aunt Edith" Luke, who is the youngest out of all but not anymore since they brought a new member in the family. Edith thought about what to name her and smiled "this is Ace, she's a dragon, I used my magic to turn her into this" the boys eyes widened and their faces had big smiles "we have a little sister!" They all screamed and jumped in joy. Over time Ace gotten older was a little trouble maker, Edith and spring studied Ace wondering what makes her different but then figured it out "the portal!" Spring followed Edith to the basement "of course she's a portal dragon the last portal dragon in our world. The ruby on her forehead that's the portal, we need her to consume this portal before any un welcomed creature gets to earth and were going to need a little help" spring nodded. They used their pot portal to connect with equestria, "hello twilight speaking!" "Ah princess yes we need to come down here to petrail"(made that up lol) "Edith it's been a while how is protecting the mirror going you know the one I gave you to protect from evil" twilight spoke "yea that's why I need you here we have a portal dragon with us here" twilights eyes widened "that's amazing but I thought all the dragons down there disappeared!!" Edith chuckled "except for this one, Ace" she yelled "coming auntie!!" She ran up the stairs meeting a screen showing a pony "who's that?" Twilight asked "that's Ace the dragon. I used my magic to turn her into this" twilight nodded "mommy who's that purple pony?" She asked "Ace, this is princess Twilight sparkle she's an alicorn" Ace waved "hello, little one. Please stand back I'm teleporting" twilight teleported and landed in front of Ace "yup this is the same gem as the one on the mirror we need them to connect" they all used their magic pulling all the magic from the mirror to Ace letting all the magic go into her gem. After that the gem glimmered "there all done, since she now has the power of the portal and the mirror is well useless now I think you should move your family to the Earth in order to protect it. Also there's a girl who can help you, she has all the knowledge about mythology, you will know when it's her when you see her" after that twilight left.

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