Ok I keep messing up on my myth story so yea sorry guys


2. the book

Ivy and her friends crystal and levy walked through the book festival finding their favorite authors. "Guys, lets go here" levy and Crystal walked up behind her reading the sign "welcome to the mythical world of myths, fairytales and magic!" A guy dressed as a wizard said "we have your favorite popular books such as Harry Potter, lord of the rings, game of thrones-" Levy cut him off "yea we get it, let's go in!" They split up to find their own interests. Ivy looked at a sign that said mythology "uhm...hello?" The books looked old and dusty. The floor looked like it could give in at any moment and some of the stuff looked ancient "welcome!" Ivy jumped "sorry to startle you my name is Mara" a lady that looked like she was in her 20's or 30's wore a purple robe and had glistening purple eyes. The lady hair is a golden brown color that almost look unreal "how may I help you?" "Oh, I'm just looking" the lady going to the back. Ivy looked at all the books until she spotted a book that had a lock on it. The book had different unique designs and a title but it's in ancient writing which some how she was able to read "the book of myths and fairy tails-" the lady came back with a big smile "Ah! So you understand it and and can read it?!" Ivy nodded "why does it have a lock?" Before she could touch the book, Mara snatched it away "don't touch it, or at least not yet. I need to clean it off, it's dusty" she wiped it down then laid it on the counter. "Now the lock is to protect what's inside" ok this lady is crazy Ivy thought "I'm not crazy this is serious, in this book are ancient powerful mythical and fairy tale creatures that help protect their world and they can be a little umm... childish. Only the one who can read and understand the book is the one who can unlock the book and protect the book. I cursed these creatures in here to protect them from evil and greed who wants to use their power for greedy and selfish things. This key is cast with a spell to unlock, of course, the book and only you and I can use this key also this key controls the dragon inside." Ivy was speechless and couldn't believe what the lady was saying "once you open the book there will be a poem that releases them from the book. Now once they're released they won't be where you are they would have to find you. They will know who you are" she unravels the string that is wrapped around the key "now put this around your neck" she did what she said trying not to be rude "don't open that book till you get home, it's too dangerous to open it in public places like this." She wrapped the book in a black cloth and put it in a bag. "Be careful" then the lady left; Ivy looked in the bag and scoffed "yea right." "Ivy- woah that's a big book" Levy said "yea this lady was cos playing I supposed telling me that the book cant fall into the 'wrong hands" they laughed "what's the name of it?" She pulled it out showing them the cover "wow it looks ancient but, what does the writing say?" Ivy looked at them in disbelief "what are you talking about? It's in clear English, see? The book of myths and fairytales." "Wow you can read ancient writings, that's cool"  she wanted to say something but closed her mouth.

After the book festival they all went home with their books and of course Ivy and her special book.

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