Night Chages

Autumn has been suicidal since her mom had died. Her dad killed her mom while he was drunk and now he abuses her. She doesn't really have anyone to go to. Will meeting the boys change her life?


4. Please Wake Up

Liam's POV:

I have seen this girl before but where... Harry must really like her, he barely knows who she is, she could be a killer... I doubt that though, she seems nice and she is very beautiful.

"Please wake up, you really need to wake up." Harry said a tear falling from his eye. That's when things went wrong...


Harry's POV:

"Please wake up, you really need to wake up." I said while a tear falling from my eye hitting the floor. Then something happened. Her heart monitor started BEEPING faster and faster while Niall ran out and got the nurse and Lou got the doctor. They came in running to her.

And wheeled they bed out of the room into another room. I was scared and just wanted her to live. We followed them but the boys we farther back behind me. Then I was stopped by a nurse said " I sorry sir back you cant go any farther" I pushed the nurse out of the way not hard but just to get though and got 5 feet before being jerked back by Liam.

"Harry, STOP... please you know you aren't allowed back there." Then I stopped and turned around facing Liam. "I just want her to be okay." I said starting to cry into Liam's shoulder.

 Liam's POV:

 "I just want her to be okay." Harry said as he cried into my shoulder. "She will be okay I know it" I said to Harry. Will she be okay, What will Harry do if she doesn't make it. "How do you know that?" Harry asked calming down. I don't really know if she will be but I cant tell him that.

"I just know" I answered.

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