Night Chages

Autumn has been suicidal since her mom had died. Her dad killed her mom while he was drunk and now he abuses her. She doesn't really have anyone to go to. Will meeting the boys change her life?


5. Autumn

 Harry's POV:

We have been waiting a couple hours now. Niall and Louis left to go get food, but Zayn, Liam, and me have not left once. Then the doctor came up to us.

" Autumn Jamie Hood " He said to us. Wow that's a really nice name. " Who's that?" Zayn asked. The doctor looked towards me, " The girl you came in with her name is Autumn Jamie Hood" That's her name?! " Is she awake yet?" I asked. "Not yet but she should wake up soon" the doctor answered, "What happened to her" Liam asked looking at the doctor then at me. " She was severely hurt and we didn't notice that her side had been deeply cut by a knife and she had lost way to much blood to even be alive, if you hadn't have found her she would be dead." He stated.

I felt a tear escape my eye then I wiped it away, " Can we see her now?" I asked hopefully. "Yes you can but when she wakes up come find me and tell me". After he said that I was fast walking down the hallway until I saw Room 145.

I kneed down by the bed and held her hand and whispered "Hey Autumn Jamie, I'm right here" Then the all of the boys came in and sat down around the bed.

Then I almost missed it... she squeezed my hand. I jumped up and looked at her and the boys also got up and she slowly opened her eyes.

Autumn's POV:

As I woke up I slowly opened my eyes because the lights were too bright. Once my eyes had fully adjusted I saw five very handsome guys in front of my bed and sort of freaked me out a bit.

"Hi Autumn, Its okay we aren't going to hurt you" The blonde one said. "Umm...if you don't mind me asking who are you guys?" I asked with confusion. " Oh of course, I am Louis" Louis said.

" I'm Niall" the blonde one said.

" I'm Liam" He said, he seems really nice I thought.

" I'm Zayn " He said with a small smile.

Then I looked at the curly haired one, " And I am Harry" he stated with I half smile. "You saved me ?" I asked Harry.

" Yes" Harry said "Autumn, can I ask you a question?" Niall asked, I knew it they were going to ask what I was doing and all that kind of stuff.

" Sure go ahead" I said looking at Niall.

"Who is "Him" You told Harry to make sure he doesn't find you but you didn't answer Harry" Niall said.

"He I-is ..." I was cut off by the Nurse "Okay Autumn you will be able to leave in the next couple of days and I have called your dad and he is on his way" I froze...She WHAT?! He is going to find me and he is going to be so ANGRY.

The boys thanked the nurse and she left the room, I was still frozen.

I had my eyes shut tight and soon fell asleep, I'm guessing the boys were also asleep when we all heard someone banging on the door. All the boys looked at me, My eyes were filled with tears. That's when we heard yelling " Slut I know youre in here !" I turned back to the boys and I whispered.

"Him..." Harry and Zayn caught on and told the rest of the boys something. Next thing I know Liam and Louis were standing next to the door and telling him "GO AWAY WRONG ROOM!".

Harry, Zayn, and Niall were standing by my bed. That's when Dan slammed the door open and push Liam and Louis out of the way and he now was facing me.

"Look the slut has fooled all of you" He said.

"Hey why don't you come home and we can have some real fun just like the other night" He said with a smirk on his face.

 " And who are you " Harry asked raising his voice a little.

" I'm this 13 year old cunts dad "Dan said.

"HER DAD?! YOU SICK BASTARD" Liam yelled with anger.

Dan walked closer to me. "Only if they knew " He whispered. Tears started to stream down my face until I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Harry yelled to Dan.

"This is my daughter I'm allowed to be here" Dan said raising his voice.

He grabbed my arm and I screamed as loud as I could, Harry turned around and punched Dan on his check.

He let go and punched Harry right back in the eye. That's when Zayn and Liam got on top Dan and Louis went to go find someone. While Niall ran over to me picked me up and said " We have to get to out of here" as I just cried into his shoulder. 


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