The Light and The Dark

Griffin is living her normal life at her deceased father's home. Her father's best friend and his son has also been living there. Suddenly, the sister Griffin has't seen for years shows up at her doorstep in need of help.


1. Good Morning

Griffin woke up with her long,blonde hair curling everywhere. The cold are prickled her legs as she moved to get up. Griffin opened her door and it was instantly loud.

“ Dad, where’d you go?”

Griffin looked over to see a boy no older than thirteen standing in the hallway. He raked a hand through his tousled auburn hair and pushed up his glasses before calling out to his father once more.

“Axton,what’s wrong?”

“I was hanging out with my Dad because he woke me up this morning and now I can’t find him anywhere.”

“I’ll find him,” Griffin said sweetly and set off down the hallway in her pajamas. She came the long stretch of the hall that lead to the grand staircase. The entire wall in front of her is made up of only windows and to the right is the staircase that’s large enough to fit five people across it. She walked over to the glass and pressed a hand against it looking outside. The entire backyard was garden. There was a large pond with a fountain in it in the center of the yard. Leonard, Axton’s father, was tending a small cinnamon plant.

“Axton, your dad is outside why don’t you do see if he’s hungry, sweetie.”    Axton came running down the hallway saying “Alright, Griff,” as he ran by.  Griffin made her way down the staircase into the large entry way. She turned left and walked through the living room, the dining room, and then into the kitchen. She already knew what both Leonard and Axton’s answer would be to being hungry so she began to make breakfast.


Axton walked outside and ran over to his dad. “Dad, what are you doing?”

“ Just messing with this nice plant.”

“Well, are you hungry?”

“Of course I am.”

“ Okay, I think Griffin is making breakfast soon so we should probably go back inside in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” Leonard was rubbing a leaf between his large fingers.

Axeton walked back over to the door that lead into the house and leaned against the frame. After a few minutes of rubbing the leaves of several other plants Leonard walked over to his. He was at least double the height of the boy standing in front of him.  “Let’s go in,” leonard said as he opened the door for his son.

The dining room table had plates of eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, dishes of butter, and bottle of different types of syrup. Griffin walked in carrying three plates and glasses and a plethora of beverages. “Here,” She said handing the boys cups and plates. They sat down where the silverware was already delicately placed on the table. Griffin grabbed a bottle of orange juice before shoveling pancakes and bacon onto her plate. Just as she went to take a bite, the door bell sounded. She picked up her plate and continued eating as she walked over to the double doors that lead to the front porch. She opened the door and heard the most surprising voice, “ Hey sis,” Thatcher said quietly. Griffin spit out the pancakes she was shoveling into her mouth. “ What are you doing here?”

“You’re still just as charming as always and I need your help,” Griffin’s sister answered.

“ Well, come in. Are you hungry or thirsty or tired? You can sleep in one of the guest rooms if you want.”

“ No, I’ll just wait in here until you finish eating.”

“ This is way more important than eating. Let me put this up and I’ll be right back.”

Thatcher walked over to the mirror hanging by the door as her sister walked away. Her short, black hair was starting to get oily. The only resemblance between her and Griffin must be their height and bright blue eyes. That is expected though seeing as they both have different mothers. In Thatcher’s eyes Griffin has always been the most beautiful out of most people she’s meet. Griffin has always had pink plump lips and a small nose. Her body was curvy in the right places and slender in the rest. Thatcher herself was slender, but has never had curves like her sister. Although, her slim lips and nose have been considered attractive by many people.

Griffin walked back into the room and sat down on the couch. Thatcher moved over the rest on the arm of it. “So, why exactly are you here,” Griffin questioned. “ My mom started getting sick and she passed away a few days ago. Before she died, she said I should go Dad’s house because he would for sure have enough money and room to support me until I can get on my feet and clearly he does.”

“Well, not exactly Dad died last year and all of the money and the house was put in my name, but you’re welcome to stay here as long as you need.”

“So Griff, what’s been going on with your life lately?”

“ I’ve been in college for almost three years now and Leonard moved in with me with his son.”

“ You mean the crazy guy that Dad was best friends with?”

“ Yeah, him,” Griffin answered, “ So anyway did you ever go to college?”

“ I went, but it only lasted a few weeks. It’s weird to think that if I stayed I’d be done with it this year.”


The girls sat in silence thinking over what just happened. Their father was madly in love with Griffin’s mother, or so he said. Their dad had also been in a relationship with Thatcher’s mother, even before he was married to Griffin’s mom. The girls meet when they were very young, it was after Griffin’s mother has died from unknown causes. Their father got a huge business deal that he couldn’t pass up. He moved and took Griffin with him sending money to help Thatcher’s mom. This is the first time the girls have seen each other in five years.

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