Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is known as a kid friendly restaurant where animatronics such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chicka the Chicken, and Foxy the fox entertain children. Soon a nightshift pops up and Cassie gladly accepts the offer. What could go wrong? Join her in all four fnaf games. WARNING: THIS IS BASED ON A HORROR GAME


8. Night Three

Tonight I return, even though I'm terrified. I must figure out what happened to my brother. I had the time last night, but somehow I forgot to investigate. Tonight will be different however, because as soon as I've taken care of the animatronics, I'll look around with the security cameras. Maybe I'll even walk around the establishment, as long as my life isn't being threatened. I slip through the doors, sitting down in the desk chair and starting up the old computer, as usual. The phone suddenly rings.  Rolf begins by telling me that things are "Getting real" Tonight. I squirm in my chair. He tells me to watch pirate cove for Foxy, which I figured I should do before he told me anyway, because since he hasn't moved a single bit in the past two nights, he's bound to make a move tonight. The recording ends, and the computer is on, so I begin to wander about the pizzeria through the cameras. Chicka leaves first again, immediately going to the bathroom hallway. She gives the camera an ungrateful glare. I flip to pirate cove, and Foxy is just beginning to peek out of the curtain. If you don't know what pirate cove is, it's the small stage that Foxy performs at. To be honest, Foxy scares the hell out of me, he always has. I flip the camera up to the dining hall. Bonnie stands there, smiling at me between tables. He seems quite pleased that I've returned for another night. I hear clattering noises and I know Chicka is in the kitchen. I flip to pirate cove and Foxy is still just peeking out of the curtain. I flip to the dining hall and Bonnie has already left. I flip to the backroom, and Bonnie isn't there either. I flip to the supply closet, and he's standing there, admiring the mop and bucket in the corner. I flip to the east hall, but Chicka isn't there. I flip to the east hall corner, and there she is, right outside my door. I try not to panic and lightly flick the lights on and off, trying to warn her that I'm aware of her whereabouts. Sure enough, according to the cameras she went back to the dining hall. I sigh in relief and check the west hall for Bonnie, and he's standing there, but he's not coming toward me. I flip to pirate cove and when I see Foxy I jump. He's off the stage and looking into the camera as if to say, "I'm about to run and get you, so get ready." I'm so nervous I actually think I might throw up. I check the west hall, and Foxy is running down the hall. "Noooo!" I scream as I hear Foxy's feet coming down the hall. Just as he turns to enter my office, I leap into action and press the button that closes the door. It closes just as Foxy is about to grab me. He bangs wildly on the door with his hook, but I just look away towards the other door. I flip the lightswitch and Chicka was pressing her ugly beak against my window. Without so much as a tiny gasp, I close the door. I don't think she scares me anymore. I check pirate cove again and Foxy is back in his original position, so I open up the door, but as soon as I do, Bonnie reaches for me, so I close it again in his face. This time he doesn't knock, probably because he's sore from last night. I flip on the light to check and see if Chicka is still outside my door, and she's not so I open up the door. My heart beats faster than I'd like it to, but instead of freaking out I begin to investigate the pizzeria through the cameras. "It's okay," I tell myself as I look around, "You can always close the door if Chicka comes back." I flip around, nervously anticipating an animatronic to come and stuff me into a suit. I don't see anyone, I see Bonnie hammering on my door, I  see Chicka in the bathroom, I see Foxy in pirates cove. Where could I find clues? I flip to the west hall corner and my mouth goes dry. The Freddy poster on the wall... It changed. The normal, smiling Freddy is no longer there, instead it's a close up of a more yellow, eyeless Freddy face. I stare at my camera stunned, until I hear a noise behind me and my heart stops. Chicka got in. I can't believe it. I'm going to die. Despite the dread I feel, I look up from the cameras. An earsplitting scream escapes me, and I fall out of my chair. A limp, gold, eyeless, endoskeleton-less Freddy Fazbear suit is sitting on my desk. I crawl backward into the east hall, pressing my back against something as I scoot away from the desk. I look up, and to my horror, Chicka is looking down at me. Ohhhhh My God. I just backed into Chicka. For a minute, we both look at each other, most likely both thinking how stupid I am. Then, just as she reaches down to pick me up, I make a run for the door. Lucky for me, It's 6:00, and my shift is over.

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