Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is known as a kid friendly restaurant where animatronics such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chicka the Chicken, and Foxy the fox entertain children. Soon a nightshift pops up and Cassie gladly accepts the offer. What could go wrong? Join her in all four fnaf games. WARNING: THIS IS BASED ON A HORROR GAME


3. A Job Opportunity

Over the next few days, I became nocturnal. At night I had nightmares, so I ran into the woods to cry. My mother is also mourning my brother, but she doesn't seem as terrified as I am. I don't blame her, though because she hadn't seen him at the pizzeria. I also stopped eating, but I don't care if I'm starving myself, because if I die, at least I'll be with my sister and possibly my brother, and that will be better than what I have now. However, today my mom comes into my room with the telephone and shakes me awake. Groaning, I sit up and she hands me the phone.

"It's your father," She whispers.

I actually smile for once when I hear his voice.

"Hey, Cassie, how ya doin, kiddo?"

My voice falters a bit when I speak.

"Not so good, Dad. You heard about Dante, right?"

My dad clears his throat.

"Y-yes Cassie, I've heard... I'm so sorry sweetie."

Suddenly I just broke down. Having my dad to confide in is not something I'm used to because he's always traveling for his job. I haven't seen him in four years. 

A few weeks later, Dante is still alive. I am still alive. Police are investigating Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for any clues for why Freddy bit my brother, like if someone tampered with the animatronics. It's also just turning July and I needed a Summer job to pay for my college. I already have about 3,000 dollars saved up but I still need a few hundred bucks.

Mom seemed to sense this as well, so on Tuesday she laid out newspapers on my nightstand and said, "Find a job."

Apparently, a month was enough time to get over the looming threat of loosing my brother. Okay then, fine, I will find a job. Surprisingly, in the first newspaper I pick up, I find what I am looking for. It's a job as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

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