five nights at freddy's - the night of terror -

You want to work at freddy fazbears pizza and you realize it was a mistake...


4. night four - shadows -

After you studied the kid friendly restaurant you started to wonder about the secrets that are hidden in these walls.You started your shift and sat there waiting. But instead of animatronics it was shadows and whispers. You kept the doors closed and kept your eyes on you stage and the hallways. You didn't see any animatronics but just shadows.You gathered all your courage and walked out of the small office that was keeping you safe from what ever the shadows are,you went to the stage...nothing but shadows on the wall staring at you,you when to the kitchen... nothing but boxes and things to make different types of pizza with.You where confused of whats going on and you started to think that what you studied was real...The missing kids where killed here and now the sprits of the angry children haunt this restaurant until there souls are at rest.You run back to the office and closed the door behind you quickly.You pant and try to catch your breath but what you see in the window almost gave you a heart attack.A pair of glowing blood red eyes where staring at you.You scream and cover your eyes but you knew that "thing" was still there. You peek an eye out of your hands to see if that "thing" is still there, thankfully it was gone but where ever it was you wanted to keep those doors closed. You looked at your watch and only one more minute until you need to go home, once it finally hit six am you ran as fast as you could out that restaurant and stayed home with every thing locked, you even locked your bedroom door and  you didn't go to sleep at all cause of nightmares.

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