five nights at freddy's - the night of terror -

You want to work at freddy fazbears pizza and you realize it was a mistake...


5. night five - the last night -

This was the final night of work then your leaving this place for life.You walk into that creepy office and started your shift for the last time. Nothing happened at all threw the night. But creepy laughter was heard clearly in the halls.You where really creeped out and kept you're eyes on the screen and the windows. Luckily the eyes didn't come back.You hear someone walking to the small office.'I-I'm the only one here!' you say to yourself as the footsteps got louder and closer. Once the person stopped it was the window. It was the purple guy.You scream and run to the other side of the room as he breaks the window and tries to come in. His blood was dripping on the counter but he wasn't screaming he was laughing as the blood dripped down  but soon became a waterfall of blood. You scream and grabbed a chair and threw it at the man who wanted to kill you.The chair leg fell of with a nail at the end of it, you grab it before he could and hit him on the head where the nail was on the leg of the chair.His laughter stopped but the blood flowed.You where free...You run home safe away from the monsters at freddy fazbear pizzarea.

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