Prequel to the characters in Story of my life

Hey guy this is a book with all the poeple in The Story of my life back round so you get to know all of them.


1. Damon

It was a cold silent night all i could hear was the screams and groans from my victims as i cut them. Well i bet you are wondering who am i well I am Damon Wanye a psycho that will do anything to get what i want. I walk down to my basement to see my beloved Mary Jane.”Mary Jane” I say in a sing song voice.” For the last time my name is  not Mary Jane” Mary Jane said.”Say that again I’ll see how far this knife goes down your eye” i told her. She looked so scared but i am really bored of her maybe we can do it again last time we did it she was so wildly  last time. I bit my lip i knew what her real name was it was Amy a cute little name but anyway. “ So Amy” i said in my husky voice. “Let’s do it again shall we” i said to her. Before she  could say again i drug  her to do it with me. After that happened I did what i did i killed her anyway time to look for another target i could get. So i moved with my mom and went to a new school. My mom drove me to the school. “Have a good day my sweet little killer” my mom said. Only if she knew so i walked in the school and tried to make her way to class then i bumped into someone. She was gorgeous, she had dark hair and dark brown hair,Her style of clothes was amazing. “ Oh i am so sorry” she said trying to apologize.” No problem i’m Damon” i said. “I’m Elena what classes do you have” she asked with that cute smile.” Um i have math do you have it” i asked with a grin.” Yeah i do c’mon I’ll show you” she said. Elena walked me to class and i saw this guy giving me a death glare. That the boyfriend.  this will be  fun. I can't wait to make Elena my new Target. I can't wait for her to be mine forever forever forever I fell in love with the wrong person but she mine not that idiot guys keep on giving me that stupid death glare.


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