Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


18. What I Didn't Tell You

~~Gohan’s POV Continued~~

            I awoke the next morning and remembered what Vegeta and  I had talked about last night. He wanted me to come clean to my father and tell him everything. I sat up and sighed. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. It killed me seeing Vegeta upset, but my father…Kami he didn’t need this…not while he’s pregnant…but I had already promised Vegeta that I’d tell him everything. There was no way I could go back now, even if I wanted too. I slowly got out of bed and got myself dressed. Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I went downstairs to see if anyone was up. Shockingly, my father was awake and sitting in the kitchen. I took a deep breath and slowly walked over to him.

            “Morning dad…” I say softly.

            “Hey Gohan. Are you feeling better?” He asked as he glanced over at me.

            “Not really…but I need to talk to you…is there any way we could go for a walk or something?” I shook slightly, but I don’t think he noticed.

            “Of course, Gohan. Let me leave a note for Vegeta and we can go.” He agreed as he pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled down a short note. He left it on the table and put an arm over my shoulders, leading me towards the door. We headed outside and started walking through the woods. I was really tensed up because I really didn’t want to see my father’s reaction. I didn’t want to hurt him or worry him. I also didn’t want to put any stress on his body because of the baby. As we walked, he kept one arm around my shoulders and the other on his stomach, which was slightly bigger than it was yesterday. He was really starting to show, which made me smile a little. The two of us came to a small clearing and sat down on a fallen log. He tightened his grip on me slightly and I just sighed. This was it. It was time to tell him what I hadn’t told him yesterday.

            “Dad…Videl didn’t just leave me…She let some stuff happen to me…” I started off slowly.

            “What did she do to you, Gohan?” He asked quietly.

            “Well…” I then proceeded to tell him everything that I had told Vegeta last night. As I talked, he just stared at me, disbelief all over his face. I could tell that him hearing all of this was already causing him emotional pain but I just kept talking so I could get it all over with. He needed to know now, and I didn’t want to keep this to myself anymore. Maybe once I was done telling my father, I could finally start healing on the inside and try to forget everything that happened. Once I finished, I took a deep breath and looked down at my feet, waiting for him to respond.

            “Oh…Gohan…” His voice was cracking, I could tell he was getting ready to cry. “I’m so sorry son… I should have came for you sooner…maybe then you wouldn’t have been suffering as long as you did… I’m such a terrible father…”        

            “No…dad it isn’t your fault… You had something similar happen to you toward the beginning of your relationship with Vegeta… You needed to take time to heal… I should have been able to defend myself…but she fucking drugged me…” I hugged my dad tightly and he returned my hug. “I thought that if I just kept all that to myself…it would all go away eventually…that’s why I never told anyone until last night…Vegeta came to talk to me and everything just spilled out. Then he told me that I needed to tell you…because you needed to know…” I coughed roughly from the crying and nuzzled against my dad’s chest.

            “Gohan…I’m glad you told me…I just wish I could have protected you from them… I am just the worst father…I hope I can do better with this one…” He placed a hand on his stomach and sniffled softly. “I should have been a better father to you and Goten… I’m just glad you both turned out the way you did… I’m glad that you two aren’t delinquents or something like that…but now, you’ve been broken…”

            “Don’t worry father…I’ll be alright… Now that I’ve told you and Vegeta…” I replied quietly.

            “Wait…where was your mother during all this?” He asked suddenly. I froze. I didn’t even tell Vegeta how my mom reacted…there was no way I could tell my father...but I guess I have to now…

            “Well…I um…I called her after it all happened…but she just…didn’t seem to care for some reason… She actually said something about me probably deserving it…or I was strong enough to handle it…” I looked down quickly when I felt my father’s anger rise.

            “How the hell could she even say something like that!? Ever since her and I divorced, she’s been completely ignoring Goten and you! Goten told me that Chichi won’t even talk to him when he’s at home! I should talk some sense into that bitch!” He growled as he slowly started to stand up. I grabbed his arm quickly and pulled him back down as carefully as I could.

            “Dad…you know that isn’t a good idea… Especially not right now with you being pregnant. Does she even know about you and Vegeta!?” I asked, trying to talk some sense into him.

            “No! But why should I care if she knows about us or not!? She shouldn’t be ignoring you and Goten! It’s just wrong!” He argued, struggling against my grasp.

            “Dad please! Think of the baby! This is why I wasn’t going to tell you! I knew it would piss you off! But you can’t go over there! Not now at least! If she finds out you’re pregnant, she may hurt you or the baby and then Vegeta will be desperate! Please just let it go!” I begged, nearly staring to cry. When he noticed that I was close to crying he finally calmed down and hung his head.

            “Gohan…you do need to know this about your mother…actually you probably already know but I’m still going to tell you… I know she doesn’t regret having you or Goten, but she really hated the fact that you two are just like me… She always wanted a normal child, which is something I could never give her because of my Saiyan blood…She hated me for that but she never left me…not until that night… She called all of us monsters and she blamed me for not giving her any normal children…and that was the end of it…I never told you or Goten about that because I didn’t want to upset you two, but now you know…” He sighed quietly and covered his eyes.

            “Oh dad…” I hugged him tightly and tried to soothe him. “I think that Goten needs to move in with you and Vegeta too…That way he can stay around us and not mom. Who knows…she may go crazy one day and I don’t want him there when she does…” I say quietly and he just nods.

            “You’re right Gohan… She could very well go crazy…and I want you and Goten safe… I’m not going to let anything else happen to you and I’m certainly not going to let anything happen to Goten. If something happened to him like what happened to you and me…I don’t even want to think about it…” He shuddered at the thought of something like that happening to Goten and I didn’t blame him.

            “Maybe we should head home… Tell Goten that he’s staying with you now and he is not to go back home for anything. Tell him it’s for his own safety.” I say softly as I stood up and grabbed my dad’s arm, pulling him to his feet as well.

            “We need to tell Vegeta too…You never know…she may very well do something so insane that it puts all of us in danger…and I do mean all of us…” He whispered, placing a hand on his stomach. I knew he meant the baby. He still had a long way to go before the baby would be born, and until then, we’d have to do what we could to protect him from any harm. I grabbed my dad’s hand quickly and rushed him back to the house so we could tell Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks everything. We would definitely have to be on guard just in case anything did happen. I hope nothing bad happens…not yet anyways…I thought to myself as we made our way home. 

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