Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


27. Wedding Day

~~Three Months Later~~

            Today was the day. The day that Vegeta and I are finally going to get married. I had been looking forward to this day since Vegeta proposed to me at Christmas and now it was finally going to happen. I was finally going to become his husband and his love for life. I had let Gohan and Tarro take the twins, Trunks, and Goten with them while they all went to get ready. Vegeta had gone to Bulma’s, so that left me at our house by myself. In just a few hours, our wedding would be happening and it was just driving me crazy.

            I pulled on my tuxedo slowly, making sure not to rip it. Normally suits aren’t my thing, but since this was my wedding, I decided to go ahead and wear one. Not like it would last too long anyways, especially after our wedding. Once I had the tuxedo on, I glanced at myself in the mirror and smiled softly. I slipped on my dress shoes and went to the mirror again. I turned myself around, making sure that nothing was torn or wrinkled and then I headed down stairs. I decided against eating because I knew there would be food at the wedding, so instead I rushed out the door and took off into the air. Soon, very soon, Vegeta would be my husband, and I just couldn’t wait.

~~At the Wedding, Vegeta’s POV~~

            I was standing there at the altar, my hands placed behind my back. Kakarot should be here soon and then we could finally be married. I glanced into the crowd of people, letting my gaze land on my two new children. Dimitri was in a little black tuxedo and Crimson was in a frilly white dress with a bow in her hair. Kami, my children are adorable. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks were with the twins, all three of them in black tuxedos as well. I had to say they all looked really handsome. I couldn’t believe that this day had finally come. I proposed to Kakarot on Christmas, so many months ago. I sighed to myself and glanced up at the sky, a small smile forming on my face. Kakarot was finally here. I watched as he landed at the end of the aisle, giggling softly was I watched him smooth out his tuxedo. Oh my Kami, he looks so handsome and he was all mine. I felt a tear go down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away so no one would see. The band started to play and Kakarot began to walk slowly down the aisle. He smiled softly at me, causing another tear to go down my cheek. By the end of this ceremony, he’s going to be my husband and my mate for life. I wouldn’t want it any other way either.

            Once he reached the altar, he stepped up the stairs and stood across from me. We just had to make it through the ceremony and then the reception and then I was going to take him as soon as we got home. The thought of that made me blush a bit. I heard Kakarot chuckle softly, which made me blush even darker. The preacher began to perform the ceremony, going through the whole ordeal until it came time for Kakarot and I to say our vows. I of course went first. I had a plan for him and I knew he was going to love it.

            “Goku,” That’s right, I used his earth name, which made his eyes go wide, “I vow to always stand by your side, whether you are sick, injured, sad, or even if we are fighting some crazy battle together. I will never abandon you. You’re my warrior, my one and only warrior and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you with all my heart and no one will ever come between us. I simply will not allow it and now I will make you mine forever.” I finished and slipped his ring on his finger. His eyes were watering, clearly he was happy and now it was his turn. I could only wonder what he had planned for me.

            “Vegeta. I too vow to always be by your side. It doesn’t matter if your hurt or even pissed off, nothing will ever chase me away. You’ve always been there for me, protecting me from everything. You’ve always came to my rescue whenever I’ve needed you and for that, I can’t thank you enough. We have two beautiful children together, as well as three other handsome boys in our lives. I am very honored to be marring the Prince of all Saiyans and I couldn’t ask for a better mate than you and now, you’re mine for all eternity.” He finished and slipped a ring on my finger as well.

            “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you two husband and husband. You may now kiss.” The preacher said, giving us a smile.

            I grabbed Kakarot’s waist tightly and pulled him toward me. He slipped his arms around my neck and I gently pressed my lips against his. He kissed me back and everyone cheered for us. Once we pulled away, I grabbed his hand and we ran down the aisle. We were finally married, after all this time. He and I took off into the air and embraced each other again. We shared another passionate kiss in the air before flying off to where our wedding reception was going to be held. Once that damn thing was over, all the kids were going to be staying at Bulma’s for a week while Kakarot and I had some time to ourselves. I had already decided that I wasn’t going to let Kakarot sleep at all throughout that entire week. Hell, he’d be lucky if I let him leave the bed. Oh boy, better stop thinking about that for now. I’d rather not get a boner at the reception. That would just be embarrassing. All these sexual thoughts and stuff would just have to wait until the end of the night. I glanced over to my husband and just smiled. His face was still faintly pink, and it make him look completely adorable. I began looking back throughout our relationship, all the way back to the beginning. Never in my life had I expected us to end up like this. Married with two children, which didn’t bother me one bit. Love works in mysterious ways and now that I’m with Kakarot, I think I finally know what love is. Kakarot looked over at me and smiled brightly. I flew closer to him and wrapped my tail around his, causing him to purr. I chuckled softly and faced forward again, thinking to myself, Oh Kakarot, I just can’t wait until tonight. I am going to fuck you senseless.




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