Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


20. Warnings

~~Goku’s POV~~

            Vegeta and I thanked Bulma and we decided on heading home. As we walked home, I began feeling a strange presence. I instantly put my guard up, but Vegeta must not have felt it. He just continued to talk while I tried to focus on the presence. Eventually, Vegeta felt how uneasy I was and glanced at me. I gave him a panicked look and he rested a hand on my shoulder. I tried to calm myself down, but I couldn’t. Just as Vegeta was about to say something, I felt a sharp pain course through my head, sending me to my knees and causing me to screech in pain. I gripped the sides of my head and screamed again as the pain gradually got worse. Vegeta gripped my shoulders, but I couldn’t look at him, my eyes were closed tightly. I suddenly heard a voice in my head, and to my surprise, it wasn’t Vegeta’s voice.

            ‘Kakarot. I have found you at long last.’ The voice said. It sounded like a cold and dark voice that made me shudder. I tried to ask it a question, but the voice spoke again before I could ‘You’re pregnant, huh? Trying to rebuild you race? Just know this, Kakarot. I’m coming for you and your babies. You will not be able to escape either and I suggest you not try to hide because I will find you. I’ll see you soon’ And just like that, the voice was gone. I slowly cracked my eyes open and looked at Vegeta, who was staring at me with nothing but fear on his face. Something tells me he was able to hear everything through our bond. He helped me back to my feet slowly and pulled me into a tight embrace.

            “I heard everything, Kaka…but don’t worry. I will protect you and I know the boys will help. Now let’s get you home so you can rest.” He held me close and took off into the air, flying us home as fast as he could. The whole way home I could only think about what he said. He didn’t mention anything about Vegeta…just me and the kids… I just hoped that he wouldn’t show up until after my babies were born. I had to get them somewhere safe… I didn’t care what happened to me, so long as my babies were completely safe. Vegeta and I were silent the whole way home and once we landed, we bolted inside, calling for Goten, Gohan, and Trunks. All three came rushing down the stairs and stopped right in front of us.

            “What’s wrong dad?” Gohan asked.

            “We may all be in danger. Kakarot and I had a voice come to us, it was mostly talking to him but I could hear everything though the bond. He said that he was coming for Kakarot and the babies. Oh by the way, we’re having twins but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that we all get somewhere safe. Grab what you can and we are all going into hiding. You are to all keep your ki hidden so no one can sense it. Of course that will be hard for Kakarot and the babies but enough talk. I’ve got someone coming and they’ll be here in one hour. I expect you all to be ready within that hour. Understand?” All three of the boys nodded and rushed upstairs to get everything packed. Vegeta and I also went to start packing. We also agreed on getting some capsules from Bulma that would contain food and anything else we may need, including things for the babies. As we packed I could only become more nervous about that voice. I have no idea who it was, but all I knew is that they were out to get me. Once the hour was up, a knock came at our front door. I froze, but Vegeta patted my shoulder reassuringly and went to answer the door. I peeked down the stairs and saw a tall man with shoulder length hair, a scar on his right arm that went about half way down, coal black eyes, a brown tail wrapped around his waist, and a serious facial expression. Vegeta glanced up at me and motioned for me to come down the stairs, I did without hesitation and stood beside him.

            “Kakarot, this is Tarro. He was one of my guards back on Planet Vegeta. He managed to escape before it was blown up by Frieza.” Vegeta explained.

            “O-oh…it’s nice to meet you sir.” I say quietly.

            “It’s nice to meet you as well, Kakarot.” Tarro replied. He had a really deep voice and his build was incredible. But nothing could ever beat Vegeta’s body in my mind.

            “Anyways Tarro, I’m glad you came. My family and I need your help.” Vegeta walked Tarro and me over to the couch. We all sat down and then Vegeta proceeded to explain everything that was going on, including what happened earlier today with the voice. Tarro listened carefully, making sure to catch every detail and by the time he was done, the boys all came down the stairs, everything they could possibly get in their arms. I slowly stood up and slipped a leash on Snow before glancing at Vegeta.

            “I guess we should hurry over to Bulma’s and get the capsules before we go into hiding…and Vegeta…I’d like to see if Piccolo will come with us…he could be some good help in protecting…” I say softly.

            “I’ll go to Bulma’s and get the capsules. You go find the Namek and meet me in the forest. The very center of it and we will go from there. Alright?” Vegeta said with a soft smile. Vegeta took Trunks with him while I went with Tarro, Gohan, and Goten. I held my bag and Snow tightly as we flew. Tarro had to keep a tight grasp on me so that I wouldn’t fall out of the sky, and the boys flew behind us, keeping an eye out for Piccolo.

            “Hey dad! There he is!” Gohan suddenly called out, pointing down at the familiar figure. We all landed and he turned around to face us with an annoyed expression on his face.

            “What do you all want…Oh my Kami, Goku, you’re pregnant!?” Piccolo walked over to us and looked down at my stomach.

            “I can explain the pregnancy later…please  Piccolo, we need you to come with us…My babies and I are in danger and we need your help…just until I have them…” I pleaded and to my surprise, Piccolo nodded.

            “Let’s go.” He took my bag from me and we all took off into the air again. I kept Snow close to my chest as we all flew to the center of the forest to wait for Vegeta.. He arrived about five minutes later with a small bag full of capsules. I hugged him tightly and we then proceeded to find a place to hide. We needed a place for all ten of us, including the babies in my stomach, to hide. It would probably be difficult finding a place to hide, but with energy blasts, we could probably make any hiding place big enough for us all to hide in.

            After another hour had passed, we finally found a place that would work out. We found a cave that led to an underground cavern. In the center was a big beautiful lake and it was actually quiet cool down there, not to mention the place was huge! As Gohan we all looked around, I glanced over at Vegeta and saw him pull out one of the capsules. He clicked it and tossed it. Once the smoke cleared from the explosion, there stood one of Bulma’s largest capsule houses that looked big enough to house everyone. We all rushed inside and looked around. Thank god the place was fully furnished and had everything that we could possibly need. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks all rushed off to find their rooms while Tarro placed himself on the couch. Piccolo went back outside and began meditating by the late, and Vegeta and I made our way to the kitchen to start cooking dinner. I sighed to myself, knowing that it would probably be a long time before I returned to the surface with my family, but for now all that mattered was that we were all safe and together. 

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