Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


6. Tortured


            Goku once again woke up in the same room he had earlier. He was still chained to the wall to where he couldn’t move. The shock from the chains had been a powerful one that was strong enough to knock him out for god knows how long. Instantly he thought of Vegeta. Damn he was probably worried sick and he had no way to tell his mate that he was alive. Goku couldn’t help but wonder what the hell he was doing here. The last thing he really remembered was Zylen doing something strange to him and then he passed out. This couldn’t be good. All Goku could do was just lay there in silence and wait for whatever was coming next.

            After a while, the door suddenly creaked open, causing Goku to turn his head in the direction of the door. In the doorway stood the same figure that he had seen in his front yard earlier. He watched as the figure walked inside, closing the door behind him. Slowly the figure walked toward him, caring something in his right hand. It was too dark to make out what it was, but Goku had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be good. The figure stopped right by the bed and grinned a little bit. “Looks like you’re finally awake, Goku. Welcome to my home. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time getting to know each other.”

            “Where the hell did you bring me, you freak?” Goku growled, staring into Zylen’s bright red eyes.

            “I told you. You’re at my home on a whole different planet where no one will ever find you. You see, Goku. I watch people from all over different universes and when I find a person that sparks my interest, I go after them and take them. Usually I don’t even let them sleep once they’ve first arrived, but I was feeling nice with you. But enough of that.” Zylen grinned again and moved the cuff on Goku’s left wrist down just enough to expose the upper half of his wrist. “Now. Don’t you move. If you struggle too much, you’ll get electrocuted again.” Goku watched as Zylen held his hand over the end of whatever he was holding. He muttered something and fire suddenly came from his hand, heating up what looked like a metal rod with a circle on the end of it. Goku’s eyes suddenly widened. It was a branding rod. In the center of the circle was a capital Z with a line at the top and bottom of it, and a small triangle on each side. Before Goku could even react quickly enough, Zylen was suddenly on top of him. Before he knew it, Zylen pressed the hot rod down on the center of Goku’s wrist. He instantly started screaming as loud as he could as the metal burned his skin, he could even hear his skin sizzling. He tried to struggle but he couldn’t even get Zylen off of him. After about two minutes he heard the metal rod hit the floor, but still felt the burning on his wrist. The pain was so intense that he was almost in tears. He heard Zylen mutter something else and he soon felt something cool pressed on the burning part of his wrist. Goku tried to keep from shaking, but he just couldn’t.

            “There now. That’s only the beginning of your time hear. You are in for a great deal of pain, Goku. And not even your mate can save you but I can torture the shit out of him too.” That caused Goku to jerk up, slamming his head against Zylen’s.

            “You leave Vegeta alone! If you so much as lay a hand on him, I’ll kill you!” Goku growled loudly and felt a hand smack him across the face, causing his head to jerk to the side.

            “I’ll do whatever I want. And I don’t have to touch him to torture him. I can invade nightmares. Everything I do to you, I can project into his mind so he can see everything that I do to you.” Zylen laughed loudly and looked down at Goku as he got off of him. “Now. Let’s get you stripped down.” Before Goku could even react he felt his clothes torn to nothing but shreds and felt ice cold hands move up and down his body. He closed his eyes tightly, as he felt Zylen get back on top of him. For once, Goku was actually completely terrified to the point where he couldn’t even move. He felt a sharp pain in his neck, which caused him to scream again. Zylen had bitten him, he realized that when he felt blood ooze from where the pain came from. Once Zylen pulled back, Goku could see the blood on his lips and on his fangs once he grinned a little. Goku felt Zylen move to between his legs, scratching all the way down his sides as he did so. Goku screamed again as tears filled his eyes and could only guess what was coming next. He felt something poke at his entrance, and gasped loudly. Zylen laughed wickedly and forced himself into Goku. Screaming loudly, Goku shook badly once Zylen was all the way inside him. Vegeta…Goku thought to himself as he felt Zylen beginning to thrust in and out roughly, causing the Saiyan to scream even more. I was hoping…that you would be the first one I did this with…but now…I may never have the chance to ever know how it feels with you… He cried as those thoughts of his echoed in his mind and as images of Vegeta appeared. He screamed loudly when he felt Zylen start going harder and rougher. He grabbed ahold of Goku’s black hair and pulled on it, causing the Saiyan’s head to jerk back. Then he felt sharp nails go down his chest, causing him to bleed more. Eventually Zylen had reached his climax and Goku felt a hot liquid inside of him. Once Zylen was done, pulled himself out and redressed himself. Looking back at Goku, he grinned.

            “That’s how it’s going to be from now on, Goku. Get used to it.” Zylen left the room and Goku just started bawling. He carefully rolled onto his side and gripped the pillow he was laying on tightly. He just wanted Vegeta, but he figured that he’d never be able to see him again, expect for his dreams. Soon, Goku passed out from all the crying, the last image in his head being Vegeta before everything went dark.


            Vegeta woke up screaming in the middle of the night. What had he just seen? It had to have been a nightmare. There’s no way something like that could be happening to Kakarot. At the same time, it all felt so real. He could only hope that a nightmare is all that was, but something in his chest kept telling him that it was real. He gripped the bed sheets tightly and closed his eyes. Kakarot…He thought…Please tell me that something like that isn’t truly happening to you…Vegeta felt a tear roll down his cheek and quickly wiped it away. There was no way he could just start crying now. He made the decision that if these nightmares kept appearing, he would then believe that it was all true. And if it was all true, he could only hope that Kakarot could hold out until he found him. Unable to sleep anymore, Vegeta got out of bed and walked to the window, he stared out it and sighed as he leaned on the ledge. “Kakarot…” He whispered to himself, “Please just hang  in there, wherever you are…I promise I will save you…” And with that, Vegeta made his way back to bed, hoping that it was all just a dream and that when he woke up in the morning, Kakarot would be back home where he belongs.

--A Year and a Half Later—

            Unfortunately, every  night Vegeta had nightmare after nightmare. He was fully convinced that Kakarot was indeed being held hostage and being tortured by this guy. Every night it was something different; from rape, to whippings, to beatings, and even hot rods that weren’t for branding. As Vegeta slowly got dressed, he wrapped his tail around his waist. He was surprised by it growing back about a month ago but it was kind of nice to have it back. Once dressed, Vegeta made his way down stairs. Everyone else on the planet had been searching for Kakarot as well, with no luck. Vegeta had finally decided that Kakarot was nowhere on the planet and he had made the decision to go off into space and find him. After a year and a half though, he was sure that Kakarot had finally given up hope of being saved. If Vegeta was able to find him, then he’d never leave Kakarot alone again and he’d make sure that he killed that bastard who was doing all those awful things to his Kakarot. Growling loudly, Vegeta made his way out to the woods, to a secret place where he kept an old Saiyan pod that was actually big enough for two people. No one else except himself knew about it too, so hopefully it would still run.

            As he made his way to the secret place, another image suddenly appeared in his mind. It was that bastard himself. Vegeta could see the guy coaxing him to come for Kakarot. He even held up a small sign with something written on it. It couldn’t be…was he actually giving Vegeta the name of the planet where Kakarot was being kept? Vegeta growled loudly and rushed to where he kept the pod before he forgot the name of the planet. Once he reached it, he quickly examined it. Once he discovered that it would still run, he quickly jumped into the pod and  punched in the name of the planet: The Dark Planet. This was it. He was finally going to get Kakarot back, no matter what the cost. As the pod took off into the air Vegeta sat back and crossed his arms. This bastard was in for the beating of his life and Vegeta was going to make sure that this guy didn’t live to see another day, especially not after what he had been doing to Kakarot. He was ready for whatever could be thrown at him and he was ready to see his mate again. 

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