Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


7. The Dark Planet

About three days later, Vegeta landed on the Dark Planet. He made sure to land the pod in the middle of the woods somewhere that way no one would find it. Slowly, he made his way out of the woods and closed his eyes, hoping for some kind of energy that would lead him to Kakarot. He was just about to open his eyes when a vision suddenly popped into his head. It was that creep who had his Kakarot trapped somewhere. Soon he could hear a voice talking to him, he closed his eyes tighter and listened.

            “Ah, Vegeta you found the planet. You must really be determined to get this man back. Oh, I just thought I should show you a little surprise that I walked in on last night. I think you’ll find it most interesting.” The image suddenly showed Kakarot, still chained to a bed, completely naked and hurt really badly. The vision got closer to Kakarot’s waist and that’s when Vegeta saw it. It was completely obvious of what this guy was trying to show him. A tail…Vegeta gasped loudly as the voice began to speak again. “That’s right, Vegeta. A tail! It’s so exciting too! I can tell you that last night, Goku and I had lots of fun and he makes such adorable noises when that tail of his is touched! Oh I could just squeal. But enough of that. If you’re really determined to find Goku  then you’ll just have to head South down Blood Road. Don’t worry. Nothing down there will hurt you. In fact, I’m saving you for myself to deal with. I’ll be waiting for you outside a huge manor at the end of Blood Road and I’ll be ready to deal with you myself. Get ready, Saiyan Prince, for the fight of your life.” And then the image and the voice were gone.

            Vegeta gasped loudly as his eyes flew open. He knew that he had to hurry and find Kakarot before it was too late. He quickly looked around until he found a sign that said Blood Road. Without even hesitating, Vegeta instantly started flying down the road as fast as he could, keeping his mind focused on Kakarot. That was his motive to fight. The past year and a half of all those nightmares that creep had shown him, they were all really happening to the person he cared about the most. Kakarot probably thinks that he’s been completely forgotten and probably feels completely alone. Just the thought of that got Vegeta’s blood boiling even more that it already was. He was going to make this creep pay for everything he had done to Kakarot. He was most definitely going to die tonight, at Vegeta’s royal hands. After about an hour of flying, Vegeta came to the end of Blood Road and at the end, just as the guy had said, stood a huge manor with at least ten different rooms. It looked almost like a prison, only in house form. Vegeta walked up to the manor and yelled as loudly as he could.

            “Hey you creep! I’m here now come out and face me!” He growled, just wanting to get this over with so that he could get Kakarot home safely. He suddenly heard a dark laugh coming from somewhere close by. He stepped back and braced himself as he waited for the one laughing to show themselves. The door to the manor creaked open slowly, and out came a very tall man with shoulder length blonde hair and bright red eyes. He was wearing a black shirt and torn up jeans with no shoes. He grinned wildly when he saw Vegeta standing there.

            “I see you’ve finally found the place, Vegeta. Welcome. My name is Zylen” The man smiled and walked down the stairs, stopping about three feet from Vegeta.

            “Where’s my Kakarot, you disgusting pig?” Vegeta asked, clearly very pissed off.

            “Oh my. You’re such a rude Saiyan! But that’s understandable, considering the things that I’ve done to Goku. You would know all about that too, wouldn’t you? After all, I have projected everything into your dreams. Poor Goku though. A year and a half later and you finally come looking for him. He’s been crying for you every night since he got here. Up until about a month ago anyways. He finally gave up hope of you ever coming for him but apparently he gave up to soon.” The guy was clearly just trying to get Vegeta pissed off and it was working a little too well.

            “ENOUGH!!” Vegeta suddenly screamed as his energy rose sharply. He suddenly went Super Saiyan Two and growled loudly. “You’re going to die tonight! By my hands and then I’m taking Kakarot home with me!”

            “Oh my, you’re so cute Vegeta!” The guy teased as he smirked a bit.

            “Then I’m about to get real fucking adorable. Now prepare to be killed!” Vegeta and Zylen suddenly both flew into the air, going right for each other. Kakarot… Vegeta thought to himself, I promise, I’ll make this as quick as possible and then we can go home… Vegeta screamed loudly and punched Zylen right in the face, sending him crashing into a tree. Zylen let out a sharp squeak before flying back into the air, punching Vegeta in the stomach, causing him to cough up some blood. This guy was tougher than he looked, but still no match for Vegeta, especially since Vegeta had a motive for wanting to kill this guy. He hurt Kakarot a lot. Probably broke him past the point of ever fully returning to normal. Thinking about all of that caused Vegeta to power up even more, he waited until Zylen flew closer to him and once he was close enough, Vegeta fired off a final flash attack. Zylen screamed loudly and lost one of his arms in the blast. Once the light from the final flash cleared up, Vegeta glared at Zylen, who was holding his missing arm, shaking badly.

            “D-damn you…!” Zylen growled loudly. “I know what will keep you from attacking…!” He suddenly held out his good arm and muttered something. About a minute later a figure appeared in the grasp of his hand. Vegeta looked closer and gasped loudly. There in Zylen’s grasp was Kakarot being held by the throat. “This look familiar, Vegeta?”

            “K-Kakarot…” Vegeta was shaking with rage. Seeing Kakarot in person like this and being able to see just how much pain he was in. Vegeta could only stare at Kakarot’s battered body. He was able to really see just how many scratches, cuts, bite marks and burns Kakarot had all over his body. He was covered in dry blood, even his tail had clumps of blood in it. He was also really skinny, clearly he hadn’t been fed at all. He could also see the marks of where he had been chained, but what really set him off was when he caught a glimpse of Kakarot’s left wrist that looked like it had been branded. Vegeta growled loudly and just screamed at the top of his lungs. “HOW DARE YOU! THAT’S MY KAKAROT!!!” He bolted right toward Zylen, knowing that he had to watch what he was doing so that he didn’t hurt his mate. He slammed his head right into Zylen’s stomach, causing him to drop Kakarot to the ground and fly backwards, crashing through the house.  Reacting quickly, Vegeta fired off multiple energy blasts at the manor and finished it off with a Galick Gun that caused the manor to completely explode. He was breathing hard once he was done. The manor was left in nothing but pieces and in the very center was Zylen. Vegeta walked over to him and finished him off with one final, powerful energy blast. Once that was all done, he rushed over to Kakarot, who was all curled up on the ground.

            “Kakarot…” Vegeta whispered, sounding like he was ready to cry. When the other Saiyan didn’t reply, he tried again, louder this time. “Kakarot….!”

            “V-Vegeta…? Is that you…?” The bigger Saiyan asked with a really shaky voice. He refused to open his eyes, keeping them shut tightly.

            “Of course it’s me…” He pulled a glove off and rested a bare hand on Kakarot’s cheek. He felt Kakarot start to shake with fear but he managed to open his eyes a little bit.

            “Vegeta…you really did come…for me…” Kakarot whimpered softly as tears started to fall down his cheeks.

            “And I’m so sorry it took so long, Kaka…” Vegeta carefully lifted Kakarot into his arms, shocked with how light he had gotten. He knew that he needed to hurry and get Kakarot home before he lost him completely. Quickly flying off into the air, he made his way toward the pod that he had hidden in the woods. He made sure to keep a tight grip on Kakarot as he flew. Once he reached the pod, he opened the door and placed Kakarot inside carefully. He crawled in as well and shut the door behind him. Before taking off, he reached behind the seat and pulled out a blanket, covering up his mate so that he would be warm for the ride home. He sat the coordinates for Earth and pushed the button for the pod to take off. He pulled Kakarot into his arms and held him tightly the entire way home. Never once letting go of his injured mate. He thought to himself, If only I had found you sooner…maybe you wouldn’t be in this bad of shape…if I had only left sooner than I did…but I promise that as soon as we get home, I’ll never let you out of my sight. I’ll always be there for you, my warrior… Vegeta wrapped his tail around Kakarot’s waist and stroked his cheek. He knew it would take a long time for Kakarot to heal and he’d be with him every step of the way no matter what. 

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