Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


10. The Bond

((Usually I don't do this BUT this chapter does have descriptive Yaoi in it! Don't read if you don't like descriptive! You've been warned!))

            Vegeta stayed by Kakarot for the rest of that day, deciding he’d wait until after dinner to tell Kakarot about the bond. He wasn’t sure how his mate would react to the bond, especially since that meant they’d have to have sex in order for the bond to work out. He just hoped that Kakarot would trust him and know that he’d be safe.

            Kakarot waited on the couch curled up tightly while Vegeta made dinner. Vegeta couldn’t help but worry about what they were going to do tonight and just hoped it would actually work and relieve Kaka from these terrible nightmares. Also, the bond would allow Vegeta to see into Kaka’s dreams and he’d be able to see what the other Saiyan was thinking. Vegeta sighed to himself and continued to cook until there was enough food made to feed an army. He called for Kakarot, who came into the kitchen slowly, keeping his head down. Vegeta could feel unease coming from his mate and walked over to the taller Saiyan, placing a hand on his shoulder.

            “Hey, Kaka look at me.” Vegeta said in a soft tone. Kakarot was hesitant at first, but he managed to look into Vegeta’s eyes. He couldn’t help but feel pained to see the sad look on Kakarot’s face, and his eyes were stained red from crying. “I wish you wouldn’t cry so much. I know today upset you, but I promise I have a way to make it all better. Alright?”

            “Geta…h-how can you make it better…? I’m so damn weak right now…and I shouldn’t be.” Kakarot’s voice was shaky, but Vegeta just gave him a stern look.

            “I will explain everything to you once we have eaten. After we eat, we are going straight to our room.” He watched as Kakarot nodded slowly and they both sat down at the table. Vegeta watched as his mate quickly dug into the food. It seemed that Kakarot was managing to get his appetite back, which was a start of improvement. They both chowed down and within twenty minutes, they were done. Vegeta shooed Kakarot off to the bedroom while he quickly proceeded to clean up the mess they had made. Once he was done, he glanced out the window and grinned a bit. The moon is full tonight…he thought to himself before running up the stairs. He entered the room and saw Kakarot sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but black sweatpants. He walked over and sat down beside Kakarot, who offered him a gentle smile. He returned it slightly before his face became serious.  He also caught a sniff of a strange scent coming from his mate. That can’t be…

            “Geta? What is it?” Kakarot asked, sounding rather concerned.

            “Listen to me carefully, Kaka. This is how I’m going to make it better. Tonight is a full moon and it’s perfect to do this. But first off, do you know you’re in heat?” He asked and watched as Kakarot shook his head. “Well you are. So I hope that this doesn’t cause anything to happen. Anyways. Tonight, you and I are going to bond. Do you know what that is?” He asked and once again, Kakarot shook his head. “Of course you don’t. Well. If you and I bite each other’s necks while we are in the middle of a session, then the bite marks will show that we belong to each other. It’s best to do it while a full moon is out like tonight. The bond will also allow me to see into your dreams and nightmares, as well as hear your thoughts. It will let you do the same for me. After today, I see no other option. If I don’t bond with you now and help you through your nightmares, you may go insane and start harming yourself. Are you following me?”

            “I-I am…but I’m just worried… I mean, I know you won’t hurt me, Geta…but what if it doesn’t help…?” Kakarot clearly had concern in his voice, his eyes wide with fear.

            “I promise it will. You just have to trust me. Remember, the man who hurt you is dead and now it’s just the two of us. Now, do you want to go ahead and get started? Your scent is driving me crazy…” Vegeta noticed that he had a growing erection just from Kakarot’s scent, and he could no longer hold himself back.

            Vegeta was suddenly on top of Kakarot. He watched as his mate’s eyes grew wide for a moment, but then they went soft and he could hear a low rumbling in Kakarot’s chest. He was purring. Vegeta quickly wrapped his tail tightly around Kakarot’s, causing him to cry out with pleasure. He leaned down and kissed his mate’s lips soft, rubbing their bodies together. He moved from Kakarot’s lips, to his jaw, trailing down his neck and chest. He slid between Kakarot’s legs, still leaving a trail of kisses until he reached the top of Kaka’s sweatpants. He grabbed on to the sweatpants and slowly tugged them off of Kakarot, revealing the other Saiyans erection. Vegeta couldn’t help but stare at the other Saiyan’s body. He thought to himself, my god, his body is beautiful, so perfect… He caught himself starting to purr as well. He knew that tonight would be just perfect for the both of them.

            He felt Kakarot’s eyes on him as he lowered down to his mate’s erection and slowly locked his lips around it, getting another cry of pleasure from Kakarot. He slowly moved up and down, squeezing Kakarot’s tail with his own even tighter. Quicker than expected he suddenly got a blast of hot liquid in his mouth. He swallowed it and looked up at Kakarot, who was blushing like a mad man.

            “Well Kaka, that was fast for you, but I’m only getting started.” Vegeta grinned wildly and carefully inserted a finger into Kakarot, who screamed loudly. He carefully thrusted that finer for a few minutes before inserting another one. He knew this was probably going to hurt Kakarot, but it was for his own good. Once he decided that Kakarot was ready, he moved and positioned himself over the other Saiyan. He planted a quick kiss on Kakarot’s lips before slowly pushing himself into his mate. Instantly, Kakarot let out a loud scream and clutched onto Vegeta tightly. Once Vegeta was fully inside, he paused for a minute and placed a hand on Kakarot’s cheek. “One last thing…before I really start… As soon as you…feel me bite into your neck, bite me right back. Understand?” Vegeta panted softly. He caught a slight nod from his mate and started thrusting slowly. He felt Kakarot’s nail’s dig into his back roughly, causing him to let out a loud groan. He began to thrust faster and he felt Kakarot wrap his strong legs around his waist. Just what he needed. Vegeta quickened his pace, thrusting harder and faster. Kakarot was moaning and screaming underneath him. He heard Kakarot scream his name, which caused him to move even harder and once he felt himself getting close to his end, he leaned into Kakarot’s neck and sank his teeth into the other Saiyan’s soft flesh. He heard a loud scream followed by feeling a sharp pain in his neck. He held his bite on Kakarot’s neck and thrusted as hard as he could. He came deep inside his mate, followed by a loud groan, and Kakarot screaming his name once they were finished.

            Completely exhausted, Vegeta pulled out and crashed beside his mate. They were both breathing hard, their tails still wrapped around each other. He couldn’t believe that he really just did that. He hoped he didn’t hurt Kakarot too badly. The sudden thought caused him to glance over at Kakarot, only to see a small smile on his face. He began to wonder if the bond had actually worked. He closed his eyes and decided to see if Kakarot was able to hear him. Kakarot? Can you hear me? He asked in his mind. He waited for a few minutes and was about to open his eyes when he suddenly heard, Yeah Geta…I can hear you…It must have worked, huh? Vegeta couldn’t help but smile. He wrapped his arms tightly around Kakarot and kissed his cheek.

            “Yes, Kaka. It did work. I could hear you and you could hear me. Now maybe I can help you through these nightmares.” Vegeta nuzzled his mate softly.

            “Geta…I really hope you can help me…get through these nightmares… I just want us both to get a good night sleep.” Kakarot clearly felt guilty for causing Vegeta so many sleepless nights but Vegeta didn’t care.

            “Don’t worry about it, okay?” He pulled the blanket up over the both of them and held Kakarot close. “This time, I’ll make sure to stay in your thoughts all night. And I’ll destroy any nightmare that comes after you.” He heard Kakarot giggle softly before his mate passed out in his arms. He couldn’t help but think quietly to himself, Get ready nightmares, I’m coming for you and I’ll make sure you never haunt my Kaka again. 

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