Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


16. Helping Out

~~Vegeta’s POV~~

            I felt four power levels land outside our home, three I recognized and one I didn’t. I remembered Kakarot’s note, so that fourth power must be his oldest son, Gohan. He hadn’t been around in several months. Maybe something happened to him. Wait…why the hell do I care? He’s not even my son, yet I’ve found myself growing more fond of Goten each day…maybe it had something to do with our bond. Kakarot was always fairly fond of Trunks, but that baka likes kids anyways.

            I got up from my chair and slowly started walking to the door. I stopped short, and it’s a really good thing that I did. The door suddenly flew open and if I had been any closer, it would have smacked me right in the face. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Kakarot and the three boys until I saw Gohan. The kid looked like he hadn’t slept in days and he had lost a lot of weight, not to mention the fact that his hair was completely out of control. I dropped my arms and just stared at him for a minute before motioning for them to come inside. They all followed and I led them to the living room. Kakarot sat down beside me on the couch, Goten and Trunks sat on the floor, and Gohan took the rocking chair.

            “What’s going on?” I asked Kakarot.

            “Well, you see Geta…Gohan really needs some help. Videl left him a few months ago and he’s just been a wreck ever since then so I told him that he could come stay with us for a little while, just until he got back on his feet.” He replied innocently. I sighed and looked over at Gohan. He really did look like he was in need of help and we had plenty of rooms, but how would he react when the baby came…?

            “Does he…know about the baby?” I asked quietly.

            “Yes. He knows and he’s okay with it. He was a little shocked at first, but now he’s fine.” Kakarot smiled and placed a hand over the small bump in his stomach.

            “Vegeta…if it’s too much trouble, I can find somewhere else to stay. My dad just wanted to keep an eye on me…” Gohan whispered softly.

            “No. You can stay here. You’re way too thin and your power has dropped drastically. You do need help, and I don’t mind helping out at all.” I replied in a stern voice. “Now go choose a room and get some rest.”

            “Yes sir…” Gohan quickly got up and rushed upstairs. After about five minutes, we heard a door close and I turned my attention to Goten and Trunks.

            “Now, is there something you two would like to share?” I asked, raising an eye brow.

            “Um…” Goten instantly got nervous and looked at the floor.

            “Well…dad…I’m not sure how to tell you this…” Trunks seemed to be struggling to find the right words.

            “Out with it boy, so I can start getting dinner ready.” I said, sound a bit annoyed. The two boys glanced over at Kakarot, who just nodded and then they both looked back at me.

            “Dad…I’m in love with…Goten…” Trunks whispered softly.

            “What?” I was completely stunned. I knew the boys were really close, but I didn’t think they were that close.

            “It’s true sir…I love Trunks as well…and I just really…want to be with him…” Goten sounded like he was going to cry. I watched as Trunks wrapped his arms around the smaller boy protectively and then he just looked up at me, his eyes wide. I looked over at Kakarot, and he just nodded again.

            “Geta, they’ll be perfect for each other…” He whispered quietly. I paused and then nodded, returning my gaze to the two boys.

            “Listen to me. You two are not to engage in any kind of…activities… until your older. You are both way too young to really be doing anything too physical and if I catch you doing those physical things, then I will be punishing you both. “ I gave them a fairly firm warning and they both nodded quickly before grabbing each other’s hand and bolting up the stairs to their room.

            “I think you scared them enough, Geta.” Kakarot laughed a little and slipped his arms around me.

            “I may have scared them, but I was completely serious. If I catch them fucking each other, there will be consequences.” I gave Kakarot a slight glare, and he just had to nod.

            “I understand Vegeta… Besides, I’m sure they won’t be doing anything like that for a while. They were so scared to tell you about their relationship because they were afraid of how you would react to it. But you did well…and also about Gohan….thank you for letting him stay here. You’re the best mate ever.” He purred softly and nuzzled into my cheek. Damn straight I’m the best mate ever.

            “I may be as ass, but I do have a bit of respect for Gohan and seeing him thin like that just kind of got to me, not to mention how tired the boy looked.” I responded, trying not to sound too caring.

            “He’d been crying for days… I’ve never seen my son so broken before, and I just had to bring him home with me…I didn’t want him to be alone anymore…” Kakarot sounded like he was on the edge of crying, which caused me to quickly wrap my arms around him and hold him closely.

            “He’s not going to be alone, Kakarot. Now that he’s here, I think you need to spend some time with him. Just don’t leave the house. With you being pregnant, I’d like it if you stayed here unless I go with you. With this being the first full blooded Saiyan baby in so long, I feel like it may be in danger…and I don’t want anything to happen to you or it…” I ran my fingers through Kakarot’s hair. I knew that there were still some people out there who wanted the rest of the Saiyan race dead and it just made me hope that they wouldn’t hear about this.

            “Vegeta…” Kakarot glanced at me with wide eyes.

            “What is it, honey?” I asked, laying a hand on his cheek.

            “You don’t really think that someone would hurt the baby…do you…?” He asked. I could hear the worry in his voice, but he had to know the truth.

            “If someone finds out about it, then yes. I think someone would end up hurting it, maybe even hurting you. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything were to happen to you or our baby, so please, just don’t go too far without me, alright?” I stroked his cheek lightly and he nodded.

            “I understand Geta…” He replied, giving me a small smile. I kissed him softly before getting up and heading to the kitchen. I had to cook a pretty big meal tonight because we now had four, technically five Saiyan’s to feed. Kakarot was going to be needing twice as much since he’s eating for two. As I began cooking, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to a few months from now. I couldn’t wait to see Kakarot get bigger as our baby grew inside of him, and I also couldn’t wait for it to be born. Then my mind went to Gohan. I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to talk to him later tonight. Maybe I could do something to help him out. What the boy really needs is a mate. Someone who won’t leave him like that ever again. He really did deserve better than that earthling. Maybe there’s someone out there for him. Who knows, it might even end up being another Saiyan. That’s what he really needed, a Saiyan mate, and I think I have an idea of who to call. I grinned to myself, but I also decided to give it at least a month before I called this guy. Until then, I just continued to cook dinner for my family. Once dinner was done, I called them all into the kitchen. I laughed as Goten, Trunks, and Kakarot all tried to get through the door at once. Goten was about to get through first because of how small he is. Trunks got in second, and then Kakarot came in. He and the two boys were laughing with each other.

            I turned toward the doorway again when I heard quiet footsteps coming down the stairs. That was Gohan. He was probably either sleeping or crying when I called for them all, but he really needed to eat. As he walked into the kitchen, he kept his head down and slowly walked over to the table. He sank down in his chair and only glanced at all the food. I sat down beside Kakarot and we all began to eat. I watched Gohan carefully from across the table. His appetite clearly wasn’t right, but he did manage to eat a little bit. After about ten minutes, he excused himself from the table and rushed back upstairs. I could see the worry on Kakarot’s face and when he tried to go after him, I grabbed his arm.

            “Kakarot, you need to stay here and eat. After dinner, I will go talk to him.” He started to protest but I held up my hand to cut him off. He sat back down and started eating again, pouting the entire time. I chuckled softly and also continued to eat. Once we were done with dinner, Trunks and Goten made their way upstairs, while Kakarot stayed behind to help me clean up the kitchen. I glanced over my shoulder at him, noticing how tired he looked. “Hey Kaka…”

            “What is it, Geta?” He asked tiredly.

            “Why don’t you go on up to bed. I’ll finish this, go talk to Gohan and then I’ll come to bed.” I replied. He looked like he was ready to protest again, but he agreed and made his way up the stairs. I went back to cleaning up all the dishes and finishing up with wiping the table off. Once that was all done, I made my way up the stairs slowly. I wasn’t sure how I was going to talk to Gohan, mostly because he and I didn’t really communicate much, but I had to try. Not just for his sake, but Kakarot’s as well. It wasn’t good for him to be so worried, especially with being pregnant and all. I stopped in front of Gohan’s room and just stood there for a minute. Well, here we go…I thought to myself as I quietly knocked on the door. 

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